World Boss

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World Boss

Implemented on July 22, 2020 Update, Ragnafied brings World Boss content to player for new PVM experience. So lets dive in!


There are 2 ways for the World Boss (Abyss Lair Boss) to appear which are:

  • Mob Kill Count - need to amass 200K (200,000) monster kill.
  • Automated Spawn - happens every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday at 19:55 Server Time
  • Cooldown - Added 12 hour cooldown for world boss summon. This includes kill count (Kill Count not recorded during Cooldown).
  • Dual Client - Added check for dual client.


  • World Boss will vanish/expire after 3 Hours & 15 Minutes if not killed.

How to Join World Boss

Simply type the command @worldboss, @wboss or @abyss once the announcement has been done.

- The command also shows the statistics on how many monster/mobs needed to be killed prior the boss appears.


Only 1 Boss will spawn each World Boss and randomized.

World Boss MVP
Name ID
Abyss Queen 3732
Abyss Princess 3733
Abyss King 3866
Cursed Dragon 3344


Player need stay alive and in range when Boss die to get reward from Treasure Chest. Upon defeated, there will spawn Treasure Chest, player need to click or talk one time to get reward a World Boss Box.

World Boss Box Reward
Name ID Drop
World Boss Token 6365 5 - 10 (Random)
Yggdrasil Cheque 30530 2 - 4 (Random)
Overseas Hero Package 9544 1
Shadow Cube 22827 2
Shadow Refine Hammer 23436 2
Yggdrasil Costume Box1 30550 1
Yggdrasil Costume Box2 30551 1
Yggdrasil Costume Box3 30552 1

To exchange World Boss Token go to /navi pront 161/152, talk to Token Trader NPC.


1. July 29, 2020 Updates