Water Garden

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Water Garden Instance

Base Level: 170
Starting Point: Seiyu
Prerequisite(s): Mansion Registration
Experience: ? (Base) and ? (Job)
Others: Fighting Grand Papillia, 10 1000103.png Barmeal Ticket , 1 100160.png Automatic Module Box , 1 100161.png Epic Module Box & 1 1000104.png Magical Soapstone .
  • Friendly Reminder : Always bring few 7621.png Token of Siegfried incase died.
  • To be noted, this is Hard Mode.

  1. Warper > Instance > Water Garden.
  2. Talk to Seiyu to take daily quest Hunt Grand Papila and Gardener's Location.
    Water Garden Seiyu.jpg
  3. Once done talk to Harard to start the Instance.
    Water Garden Harard.jpg
  4. Started in entrance, go right to portal.
    Water Garden Entrance.jpg
  5. Once inside, talk to Gardener, kill all mobs and go to right portal.
    Water Garden Garderner Entrance.jpg
  6. Talk to Gardener again, kill all mobs and go to north portal.
  7. Talk to Gardener again, follow the path, kill all mobs along way, and talk to Gardener.
    • Just wait till portal opened.
    Water Garden Garderner Long.jpg
  8. Kill all mobs in this area, find and talk to Gardener to make progress of Gardener's Location quest, go to next portal.
    Water Garden Missing.jpg
  9. Talk to Gardener, and kill Grand Papillia.
    Water Garden Grand Papila.jpg
    • Pick up the drop first, after done talk to Gardener to finish the instance.
    Water Garden Garderner Fin.jpg
  10. Talk to Seiyu to finish daily quest Hunt Grand Papila and Gardener's Location.

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