War of Emperium & King of Emperium

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War of Emperium

The War of Emperium in short called WOE is a game feature that allows guilds to fight in order to conquer a Castle to be the headquarters for the guild, and get benefits and special advantages.

King of Emperium

King of Emperium in short called KOE is a guild Vs. guild mini-game version of WOE and is based on strategy and Emperium breaking time.


To join WOE & KOE :

  • Player need within Guild which Approval [Guild Skill] in ON.
  • Type @joinwoe and/or @joinkoe when event started.


WOE Schedule :

  • Tuesday | Friday | Saturday
  • Duration : 1 Hour (22:00 - 23:00 Server Time).

KOE Schedule :

  • Everydays
  • Duration : 30 Minutes (10.15 & 22:15 Server Time).


If player participate in the last WOE & KOE longer than 10 Minutes, Player can get reward as below :

  • 25 Activity Points.
  • 1.000.000 Zeny.
  • 10 Ragnafied Trading Cards.
  • 10 GvG Coins.

To exchange activity point and GvG Coin, player need go to North of middle Prontera or /navi pront 156/281.

Special Reward

  • Guild of the Month - Point Based System

Following Update Ragnafied have an event that will be running all month.

   # Every weekend (Friday & Saturday), 2 castles will be opened where 1 castle will be a Hot Agit.
   # Those who successfully defend the castle at the end of the WOE will gain 1 point.
   # The guild that has most points for the month wins the event and will have its banner placed in Main Town - Prontera.
    Update October 2020
    * Every weekend (Friday & Saturday), guild who conquers the castle will receive 1 pt. 
    * (New) Guild who conquer the Saturday castle consecutively (e.g. October 3 & 10) will receive additional 1 pt.
       - Separate reward will be given to those who conquer the Saturday castle (Guild of the Week). 
    * Alliance inside the castle is strictly prohibited. Once caught both guild will receive penalty which is point deduction of 3 pts. 
    * Castle data will be resetted prior start of the WoE. 
    * Random castle will be assigned every weekend. 
    * In the event that there will be a tie in score, a Tuesday WoE will be done and whoever conquers it wins the crown. 
   # Note: Only guild leader will receive the reward. It is his/her responsibility to share the reward to members.
         * Guild of the Month
       1000 PODS
       3000 GvG Coins
       24 qty of 1 Month VIP Ticket
         * Guild of the Week
       250 PODS
       800 GvG Coins
       24 qty of 1 Week VIP Ticket
        * Consolation
      Note: This is for the guild who conquers the castle but doesn't win the GOTM / GOTW
       200 PODS
       800 GvG Coins
       24 qty of 1 Week VIP Ticket
   # Checked via [google drive tba].

  • MVP Ladder - Character Kill Count

Following Updates Ragnafied have an event that will be running every weeks.

   # Changes, every monday it resets at exactly 00:00 server time.
   # Kill count can only get via WOE & KOE
   # Player need to claim via npc xxxxx
        * Top 1 = 500 Pieces of GvG Coin + 3 Pieces of Yggdrasil Cheque
        * Top 2 - 5 = 200 Pieces of GvG Coin + 1 Piece of Yggdrasil Cheque
   # Checked via NPC Marshall right side of Kafra middle Prontera.

Guild Base

Following Update, an ACTIVE GUILD can have a guild base via Guild Base Application


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