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VIP System[edit]

The VIP system in Ragnafied is designed to give players an easier time in the game. The VIP state in Ragnafied is Account Bound, so the player will only need 1 character to activate it.
How to get VIP? there someways:

VIP Ticket, can be get in daily attendance.


Buy with Zeny or Cash Point in spawn point Prontera, talk to NPC VIP Manager.

Here is a list of differences between VIP and Non-VIP :

Agility Up Lv 5 = 6 Minute Agility Up Lv 10= 6 Minute
Blessing Lv 5= 6 Minute Blessing Lv 10= 6 Minute
Buff Food stats +7
Kafra storage +300 slots.

To check how many days left for VIP status, talk to the [VIP Manager] NPC in Prontera.