VIP System

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VIP System

The VIP system in Ragnafied is designed to give players an easier time in the game. The VIP state in Ragnafied is Account Bound, so the player will only need 1 character to activate it.
How to get VIP? there someways:

VIP Ticket, can be get in daily attendance.


Buy with Zeny or Cash Point in spawn point Prontera, talk to NPC VIP Manager.

Here is a list of differences between VIP and Non-VIP :

Agility Up Lv 5 = 6 Minute Agility Up Lv 10= 6 Minute
Blessing Lv 5= 6 Minute Blessing Lv 10= 6 Minute
Buff Food stats +7
Kafra storage +300 slots.

To check how many days left for VIP status, talk to the [VIP Manager] NPC in Prontera.