Terra Gloria

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Terra Gloria

Base Level: 100
Starting Point: Nyhill in Heroes Room via Warper > Instance > Room of Consciousness.
Prerequisite(s): Hero Banquet
Experience: ? (Base) and ? (Job)
Others: Access to Illusion

Terra Gloria is another name for Ragnarok Online Episode 16.2 which continuation of Heroes Banquet, telling about a Heroes new Journey after incident Midgard New King Coronation.
There 2 Instance available after completing Main Quest, which is Heart Hunter War Base and Werner Laboratory Central Room.

Search for Terra Gloria

Base Level: 100
Starting Point: Nyhill in Heroes Room via Warper > Instance > Room of Consciousness.
Prerequisite(s): Hero Banquet
Experience: ? (Base) and ? (Job)
Items: 30 25155.png Schwartz's Honor Token
  1. From Heroes Room go to Nerius Family Room. Talk to Spica Nerius. Go back to Heroes Room.
  2. Talk to Nyhill in Heroes Room. Talk to Spica Nerius once appear.
    Nyhill Terra.jpg
    • Spica Nerius already investigate about Chamberlain who ploting give a drug to Nyhill and learn that Chamberlain is from Schwarzwald Republic.
    Spica Terra.jpg
  3. Talk to Nyhill again, he will asking Heroes cooperation because worried of Crux one of Loyal Nerius Family Servant doing Investigation in Schwarzwald Republic alone.
    Crux Terra.jpg
    • Go to Lighthalzen (@go 18), then go inside Lighthalzen Airport Building (5 o'clock) /navi lighthalzen 265/76. After inside, go right path and Crux already waiting /navi lhz_airport 187/39.
  4. Talk to Crux. He will ask to help and investigation to search Bruno around Lighthazen.
    Bruno Terra.jpg
    • Go outside from Lighthalzen Airport then go to /navi lighthalzen 185/294. If right place it will show a little cutscene.
    Secret Terra.jpg
  5. Go meet Skia Nerius at /navi lighthalzen 205/167, then go to Slum Area /navi lighthalzen 264/199.
    Skia Terra.jpg
    • Talk to Guard, keep talking until teleported to Slum Area. Incase its take long time just go to Warper > Dungeon > Tomb of the Fallen.
    Guard Slum.jpg
  6. Once in Slum Area go north /navi lighthalzen 306/264, and talk to Bruno, there will another cutscene.
    Bruno Terra1.jpg
    • After cutscene talk to Skia Nerius once more, then go back to Heroes Room via Warper > Instance > Room of Consciousness.
    Schene Terra.jpg
    • Incase there no Nyhill & Spica Nerius presence, just go outside portal and go inside again to reload a script.
  7. Talk to Nyhill in Heroes Room, choose either, doesn't matter.
    Bruno Capture.jpg
    • Go to inside Yuno Airport left side of Yuno (@go 9). Meet Crux on right side. Meeting place is changed to Lighthalzen Hotel, so choose I will count on you.
    Crux in Yuno.jpg
    • Go to Lighthalzen Hotel, just walk north of Lighthalzen spawn point (@go 18). Once inside hotel, go left side then up to 2nd Floor. Walk to southest room. Go Inside.
    Meeting Schwazard Hotel.jpg
  8. Talk to Philopontess, choose Let us hear it. Go find Lazy in Einbroch Train Station, (@go 17) then /navi einbroch 239/266.
    Lazy in station.jpg
    • After enjoying spamming your enter bar Follow the Navigation. Talk to Lazy, then click hole beneath him, you will teleported to Einbench.
    Dog Hole.jpg
  9. Talk to Lazy and its about spamming your enter bar follow the Navigation again. Talk to Lazy again, then follow the Navigation again.
    Revive Gonie.jpg
  10. Talk to Lazy then follow inside. Talk to Lazy again......
    Front Clana Nimeri.jpg
    Entrance Clana Nimieri.jpg
  11. Once inside Rebellion HQ, Clana Nemieri, go find Lazy and talk again.
    Inside Clana.jpg
  12. We all know your suffering Go left side stair then go up, find Elena Bolkova and fight till death, always prepare few 7621.png Token of Siegfried incase died.
    Fight Elena.jpg
  13. Go further north to find and talk to Rebellion Leader choose about cooperation. He so rude and want to kick you out.
    Rebellion Leader.jpg
    • Go further right, find a room with portal beetween 2 Rebellion Guarding it, then try go inside.
    Dien Entrance.jpg
    • Rebellion Guard Leader will appear then choose ask him again, ask him again , Shout at him, and finaly say yes.
  14. Click in chair front of Rebellion Guard Leader, it will trigger a conversation. Once conversation stopped, talk to Dien.
    Dien Chair.jpg
    Dien Aggre.jpg
    • Go outside from room, find all way back to room with portal near Elena Bolkova enter it, and talk to Erst, Special Force Commander.
    Commander Erst.jpg
    • Go outside from room, then find Rebellion Leader again then speak to him again, follow the conversation.
    • Talk to Rebellion Guard Leader, then to Rebellion Leader again until Dien appear in right side.
    Guard Leader.jpg
    • Talk to Dien, then to Rebellion Leader Rupert again, follow the conversation. Once finish he will give reward a 10 25155.png Schwartz's Honor Token .
    Dien Angry.jpg
  15. Go down, find and talk to Lazy. yea yea we know..... Once done he will give another 10 25155.png Schwartz's Honor Token .
    Finish Approval.jpg
  16. Go to near entrance hallway, talk to Rebellion Squadder, Philopontess will appear, choose Yes!.

Heart Hunter War Base

Base Level: 100
Starting Point: Nyhill inside Einbroch Hotel
Prerequisite(s): Search for Terra Gloria
Experience: ? (Base) and ? (Job)
Others: Access to Heart Hunter War Base & Werner's Laboratory Instance
  • Friendly Reminder : Always bring few 7621.png Token of Siegfried incase died, because this step counting as an Instance.
  1. Go to Einbroch hotel, (@go 17) then /navi einbroch 252/200.
    Einbroch Hotel Map.jpg
    • Go inside, take left staircase, go to 2nd floor. Immediately, go inside room portal on the left. Upon entering there little cutscene.
    Before War Base.jpg
  2. Talk to Nyhill, talk again to make sure there no script left behind.
  3. Go to operation site via Warper > Instance > Heart Hunter War Base.

Heart Hunter War Base 1

  1. Talk to Julian, after ready, talk to Striker Unit Commander to begin an story Instance.
    Julian Outside.jpg
    Striker Outside.jpg
  2. Go beside Julian to trigger a scene. Go forward, kill all Heart Hunter Mob, go walk beside Julian.
    Inside Heart Hunter War Base 1.jpg
    • Julian will ask to search Gun Powder. Go back to near entrance then little up there will spawn a Pile of gunpowder, take all then go back to Julian.
    Pile 1.jpg
  3. Give Julian a gunpowder, and he will blow up the wall. Go forward till find Julian again.
    • Go north path, search a door with Suspicious Instrument, because we are bad boy choose Press the button, kill all mob then go back to Julian.
    Suspi Instrument.jpg
  4. Go forward find Julian, he need Gun Powder again, so back to last entrance near wall there a box with Pile of gunpowder, take all then go back to Julian.
    Pile 2.jpg
  5. Go forward, prepare to kill the Boss, after little cutscene he will appear.
  6. Kill Heart Hunter Ebel then after cutscene talk to Julian to exit.
    War Base Finish.jpg

Central Room

Info : Now player can freely farm 608.png Yggdrasil Seed .

  1. Once outside, destroy a Heart Hunter War Base 1 Instance if there still active.
    Rokie Field.jpg
  2. Talk to Rookie, choose Im counting on you. Once inside talk to Rookie again.
    Rokie Entrance.jpg
    • Go to portal, then if want to farm 608.png Yggdrasil Seed here a place is. Continue the story, go further right of map.
  3. Talk to Rookie then Skia will appear. Talk to Rookie to start Werner Laboratory Central Room 1.
    Rokie Central Room.jpg
  4. Once inside Central Room go north, talk to Eisen Werner. Go north all the way, then talk to Eisen Werner again.
    Eisen 1.jpg
    • To advance next room, there 2 little room on left and right, player need to select Counter Colour on Security Device in each little room. Once right choose, portal will open.
    Sc Device.jpg
    Werner Lab Correct Answer.png
  5. In 2nd Floor go north to find Eisen Werner and talk again. Go solve the Colour again then advance to next floor.
  6. In last room, talk to Eisen Werner then go to portal. Talk to Eisen Werner again then there Handsome Face will appear.
    Eisen 2.jpg
    Eisen summon Seyren.jpg
  7. Once cutscene done, player will receive a Star of Blessing (its Terra Gloria,yay) and Small Leather Bag. And player will teleported to Entrance War Base.
    Star of Blessing.jpg
  8. Talk to Rookie again to finish the story of Central Room.
    Rokie Finish Terra.jpg

Now Heart Hunter War Base & Werner's Laboratory Instance already accessible.

Return of Terra Gloria

Base Level: 100
Starting Point: Nyhill inside Einbroch Hotel
Prerequisite(s): Heart Hunter War Base
Experience: ? (Base) and ? (Job)
Items: 10 6919.png Token of Honor & 10 25155.png Schwartz's Honor Token
Others: Access to Ragnarok Episode 17.1 Illusion
  1. Go back to Einbroch Hotel, and to the room in upstair before.
  2. Talk to Nyhill, and go to Heroes Room inside castle to talk to Skia, choose perhaps its LOVE???.
    Run Away.jpg
    In Love.jpg
  3. To finish Episode 16.2, go Warper > Instance > Heart Hunter War Base. Talk to Rookie choose Enter Military Base.
  4. Talk to Philopontess he will give reward a 10 25155.png Schwartz's Honor Token .
    Phillo Terra.jpg
  5. Go back to Heroes Room inside castle Prontera via Warper > Instance > Room of Consciousness. Go outside and inside to reload a script and Nyhill will appear, talk to him.
    Nyhill after Terra.jpg

Returning a Relics

  1. Incase forgot, player receive a Small Leather Bag, double click it and 6 relics will appear in etc slot.
    • A pair of Old Rings & Locket Pendant should go to Knight Windsor (talk to him twice) inside Prontera Bar /navi prontera 206/157.
    • Portable Sewing Kit should go to Hunter Serin inside house Payon, end of hallway. /navi payon 185/232.
    • Assassin Dagger with Glyph should go to Guile Marowitz inside Assassin Hideout Morroc. /navi morroc 47/106.
    • Bow Timble Decoration should go to Blacksmith Cleaver inside refine building Yuno, left to down floor. /navi yuno 121/140.
    • Lasty Wooden Rosary should go to Sister Margaretha in St. Capitolina Abbey. Warper > Field > Prontera Field 03, go upper right portal, then use /navi prt_monk 90/253.

Now, Story Line Ragnarok Episode 16.2 already done, player can advance to Ragnarok Episode 17.1 Illusion.

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