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This is a list of commands players can use in-game for their convenience.

Convenience Commands

  • @commands: Displays a list of available player commands.
  • @battlestats: Gives detailed information about your current battle statistics including Cast Time Reductions, Damage Reductions, and ATK Bonuses.
  • @joinevent: To join automatic event which already started.
  • @go <town id or town name>: Lists the warp destinations. You can warp to one of the destination by typing the town name or town ID (e.g. @go 2 or @go geffen ).
  • @hominfo: Displays detailed information of your Homunculus, including stats and Intimacy points.
  • @homstats: Displays your current Homunculus stats as well as the possible values at max level.
  • @jailtime: Shows your remaining jail duration.
  • @exp: Base and job level experience.
  • @iteminfo / @ii / @desc <item name or id> : Show item info.
  • @storage: Open Kafra.
  • @gstorage / @guildstorage : Open Guild Kafra.
  • @breakguild : To break or leave Guild as Guildmaster.
  • @who2 : Display character online.
  • @identifyall : To magnifiying unidentified equipment.
  • @rates: Displays the current server EXP rates and item drop rates.
  • @load: Warps you back to your save point.
  • @showdelay: Displays the Cast Delay or Cooldown of the skill you're trying to cast, if it is on Delay or Cooldown. Requires Skill Failure Display to be on.
  • @refresh: 'Refreshes' your display. It helps to correct position lag.
  • @time: Displays the current server time.
  • @uptime : Display server up time.
  • @request : Sending message to GM who online.
  • @playragnafied : Claim special rewards
  • @base / @gbase / @guildbase : Teleport to Guild Base.
  • @donate / @donation : Display link top up.
  • @exchange / @credit / @credits : To exchange POD (Proof of Donation) which currently have.
  • @countdata: To see kill mobs in Illusion Luanda.
  • @dummy / @train: Teleport to Training Area.
  • @itemreset / @clearinventory : Be aware using this one, to clear unwanted/undropped item.
  • @changecharsex / @sexchange : To change character sex.
  • @jump : To teleport with out Fly Wing, VIP Only, Disable on Instance, PVP, KOE and WOE.
  • @claim < code >: To received a gift :D.
  • @gametime : Display online time.
  • @playtime : Display currently online time.
  • /where : Display current coordinate.

Toggle Commands

  • @noks: Protects you from being Kill-stolen and records the potential KSer's name (enabled automatically on some maps).
  • @noask: Automatically rejects any trade requests you receive.
  • @mineffect: Enables /mineffect from an at command.
  • @showexp: Displays EXP gained (in numbers and percentage), requires Guild Chat Display to be on.
  • @showzeny : Displays Zeny gained.
  • @joinchannel: To join Trade, Main, Support Channel
  • @leavechannel: To leave Trade, Main, Support Channel
  • @link: To enable Soul Link buff, VIP Only.
  • @joinpvp : To join PVP.

Shop Commands

  • @autotrade/@at: Use this command after using the Merchant class skill Vending to leave your vendor online.
  • @go 40: Use this command to autovending area / market.

Item- and Monster-related Commands

  • @autoloot <any value between 1-100>: Enables you to automatically loot items dropped from monsters that you killed. Entering no value will activate autoloot at 100%.
  • @al: Essentially @autoloot 100.
  • @alootid +<item name or id>: Enables you to automatically loot items specified in this command. You can have 15 different whitelisted items on @alootid at a time.
  • @alootid -<item name or id>: You will not loot items specified in this command. You can have 15 different blacklisted items on @alootid at a time.
    • @alootid can be applied to multiple items in one line, separated by "|"
    • e.g. @alootid reset|-Jellopy|+4003 will reset your autoloot settings, blacklist Jellopy, and enable autoloot of Pupa Card (item #4003, see a database)
  • @aloottype -<item name or id>: You will not loot items specified in this command.
  • @iteminfo/@ii <item name or id>: Displays brief information of the item you specified (Need Convex Mirror).
  • @ii2 <item name or id>: Displays the description of the item you specified. You must use the exact item name or ID.
  • @mobinfo/@mi <monster name or id>: Displays detailed information such as HP, EXP, and stats of the monster you specified.
  • @savealoot/@loadaloot: Allows players to manage their autoloot ID settings.
  • @whodrops/@wd <item name or id>: Displays the name of monsters that drops the item you specified and the drop rates of said item.
  • @whereis/@wi <monster name or id>: Displays the map name and amount of spawn of the monster you specified (it is recommended to follow this up with the Ctrl + ` command, or use Alt + V then click the Map button).

Advanced Item commands @alootid2

  • @alootid2 Allows you to configure and set multiple @alootid items.
  • @alootid2 list Shows currently saved alootid2 list.
  • @alootid2 set <#> name <jellopy> # Refers to the alootid2 list obtained from [@alootid2 list]. This command allows you to set a specific name to the alootid2 set. In this example I've set my alootid2 name for that list to 'jellopy'
  • @alootid2 load <#> This loads any saved alootid lists.
  • @alootid2 set <#> autoload <1/0> This makes the list load automatically on login.

Example use:

I want to autoloot Jellopy and Unripe Apple.

@alootid2 set 1 909 619

The above command will automatically save my alootid list of Jellopy and Unripe Apple to slot number 1.

To load the list, type the following:
@alootid2 load 1

To set a specific name for the alootid2 list:

@alootid2 set 1 name jellopy

The name is now set and can be seen from @alootid2 list, this makes different lists simpler to distinguish.

Duel, KOE, and WOE-related Commands

  • @duel: Enter a duel. This command is also usable in towns.
  • @invite <playername>: Invite another player to duel with you. There can only be two players in an instance of duel.
  • @accept: Accept the duel invitation.
  • @reject: Reject the duel invitation.
  • @leave: Leave the duel.
  • @joinpvp: To join PVP.
  • @joinkoe: To join King of Emperium.
  • @joinwoe: To join War of Emperium.

Ragnafied Extension

These commands apply to the Ragnafied Extension feature.

  • !ping - shows statistic of connection
  • !vsync - disables limit 60 FPS
  • @lgp - Enables/Disables LGP.
  • @square <on/off/1-14> - Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size.
  • @circle - Displays circle around the character.
  • @aoes - Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.
  • @shake - Enables/Disables "shake" effect