Onward to New World

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Because of the Main Quest of Onward to New World barely give any impact to progress of Story Line Ragnarok Re-newal, so we only take an IMPORTANT PART as act for triggering Story Line.
To who want fully doing the Onward to New World quest can go to this Link.

Access To New World

Base Level: 100
Starting Point: Eden Group Headquartes (@go 39)
Prerequisite(s): -
Experience: Unknown (Base) and Unknown (Job)
Others: Access to Heroes Banquet
  1. Go to the Eden Group Headquarters (@go 39) and then talk with the Cat Hand agent, who is in right side of spawn portal on the first floor (ground floor).
    Cat Eden.jpg
    • Choose "Why don't you collect it yourself?", and then "I also want to go and help the merchants" then write character name in box.
  2. Pay the one-time fee of 50,000 zeny, and he will then teleport you to the quarantined area of the Sograt Desert.
  3. Walk east or right from spawn and then talk with the cat /navi moc_fild20 368/197.
    • Choose "Let's do this!", and he will then teleport you to the Dimensional Gorge.
  4. Walk north and then talk with the Cat Hand agent.
    Cat Dimension.jpg
    • Choose "To the other world!", and he will teleport you to the New World called Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post.

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