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Ragnafied has 2 places for players to do transaction such as buying, selling or checking price.

In Game

Market in game is not any different than others.
Players can Vend and @autotrade in Market place, to go Market place just type @go 40.
The other way is to shout/type in #Trade channel, example:

#Trade WTS / S / B / WTB : xxxx

Note: To do so, enter #trade in the whisper box at chat.

Discord Market

For Discord Market, player need to join Ragnafied Discord first. Then go to channel >Marketplace.

To do post any inquiries or type, players need to Link their discord to Forum first, to get "Poring" stat which allowing to post in #sell, #trade, #pricecheck and other.

Details on how to get into the Discord channel and Forum can be found in Discord System.