Introduction to Ragnafied RO

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Introduction to Ragnafied RO

Ragnafied Ragnarok Online is a Renewal private server with a Official kRO features and customization.
Because each Private Server have their own Custom and Setting, so here THE WIKI OF RAGNAFIED!.
In here you will be introduced to some of them.

Main Town NPCs

Here are some important NPCs that you can find around Prontera spawn point:

  1. Kafra, Healer, Warper, PVP Warper.
  2. VIP Manager (Grant VIP to Player with exchange of VIP Ticket or Zeny). List of VIP System.
  3. Universal Breeder (For renting a Falcon, Peco-Peco, Cart and Dragon)
  4. Job Master (Change Player Job)
  5. Platinum Skill NPC (Grant extra skill)
  6. Tool Dealer (Source of Arrow, Bullet, Slug, etc)
  7. Reset Old Woman (Stat and Skill Reseter)
  8. Marshall (Showing PVP Stats). (/navi prontera 167/181 )
  9. Refine Master (NPC to use Safe Ticket). See also : Refining System
    Refine Master.jpg
  10. Stalker Gertie (NPC to copy skill for Shadow Chaser). (/navi prontera 196/162)
    St Gertie.jpg
  11. Stylist (NPC grant Alternative Costume, Change Hair, Change Colour). (/navi prontera 185/208)
  12. Costume Maker, Zeny Gatcha, Ragnafied Trading Card known as RTC Gatcha. (/navi prontera 145/226)
    Costume Maker.jpg Gatcha Zeny.jpgGatcha RTC.jpg
  13. Rebelion Weapon (Selling Rebel Gun). (/navi prontera 92/206)
    Rebellion Weapon NPC.jpg
  14. War of Emperium & King of Emperium Activity Point NPC, Participation Reward. (/navi prontera 155/281)
    WOE Reward NPC.jpg
  15. Kafra Reward, Old Traveler, Coin Manager, Card Trader, Private MVP Room. (/navi prontera 162/167)
  16. Illusion Enchanter, Illusion Merchant, Cat Fruit Exchanger, Donation NPC, Credit Reward, Guild Warehouse. (/navi prontera 146/166)
  17. Training Dummy (To test damage, set as Medium, Neutral, Formless). (/navi prontera 237/66) OR @dummy OR @train