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In Ragnafied RO there several currency than can be use, each have own function, so read well.


Basic currency in both Official and Private Server. In RO, players can only see their zeny amount through their basic information window. The maximum amount of zeny any one character can hold is 2,147,483,647 zeny (the maximum number for a 32-bit unsigned integer). Although zeny can be banked and stored in RO, it is still difficult to possess more than 2.1 billion zeny on one character without creating extra characters to act as pack mules.


Cash Point

Currency that used to buy item or equipment in Cash Shop. In Ragnafied, we can get 10 Cash Point when active for 1 hour. The other way is to farm Ragnafied Trading Card in short RTC. Same as above RTC value is 10 Cash Point each. The other way to get Cash Point is through Donation.

Cash Point.jpg

Mythril Coin

As mentioned in Zeny section, there limit for having zeny. Ragnafied give and extend of having more than 2 Billion zeny using "Coin". To exchange Zeny to Coin and otherwise, go to NPC Coin Manager (/navi prontera 162/167). See below detail for rate:

Coin Manager Rate
Coin Zeny
Silver Coin.jpg 1.000.000
Gold Coin.jpg 10.000.000
Mythril Coin.jpg 100.000.000

Ragnafied Trading Card

Ragnafied Trading Card in short RTC (ID = 7227). Most of RTC circulated in Market because of some rare item, the seller prefer RTC than Zeny. As mention above, 1 RTC = 10 Cash Point. In Market or in game, player can do trade RTC (Its mean RTC is tradeable), sell or buy with Zeny with certain rate, the rate is depend on buyer or seller. How to convert RTC became Cash Point? Just put RTC in inventory then talk to NPC Old Traveler. (/navi prontera 162/167)

Ragnafied Trading Card.jpg

Proof of Donation

Proof of Donation in short of POD is an exclusive currency to Donator. POD can be used to exchange "Special Costume" in Donation NPC (/navi prontera 143/178). POD is Tradeable too, so there some player selling POD in RTC for certain rate.
POD can be obtain via Donation. 1 USD = 1 POD = 500 Cash Point. To change POD to Cash Point use @exchange command.

Proof of Donation.jpg

Yggdrasil Cheque

Currency that extend for cash point. 1 Yggdrasil Cheque = 1000 Cash Point. Only can obtained in Cash Shop or via Code in few occasion (usualy code after maintenance, but not always). To exchange Yggdrasil Cheque, player need to talk with NPC Old Traveler, same as in RTC section.

Yggdrasil Cheque.jpg


1. Zeny