Farm of the Forgotten Time

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Farm of the Forgotten Time Instance

Base Level: 170
Starting Point: Luina
Prerequisite(s): Mansion Registration
Experience: ? (Base) and ? (Job)
Others: Fighting Pitaya Boss / Boss Meow, 4 1000103.png Barmeal Ticket & 1 100160.png Automatic Module Box .
  1. Warper > Instance > Lost Farm of Time.
  2. Talk to Luina to start Lost Farm of Time Instance.
    Lost Farm Luina Entrance.jpg
  3. Once inside, click Wooden Box and kill all mobs.
    Lost Farm Box First.jpg
  4. Silk will appear, talk to her, player will teleported to next place.
    Lost Farm Silk Middle.jpg
    • Repeat this step few times, until Silk give 2 yellow marker in maps.
    Lost Farm Marking.jpg
  5. Go either right or left marker, kill Big Meow.
    Lost Farm Big Meow.jpg
  6. Go north to upper middle map, kill mobs along way.
  7. Click Wooden Box 2 times, and Pitaya Boss / Boss Meow will appear.
    Lost Farm Box Upper.jpg
  8. Kill Pitaya Boss / Boss Meow and click to Wooden Box.
    Lost Farm Boss Meow.jpg
  9. Silk will appear, talk to her until done.
    Lost Farm Silk Fin.jpg

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