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Somatology Laboratory Instance (Battle Mode)

Base Level: 150
Starting Point: Sierra
Prerequisite(s): Somatology Laboratory (Story Mode)
Experience: ? (Base) and ? (Job)
Others: Fighting Nameless Swordsman, 5 25787.png Somatology Experimental Fragment & 3 25786.png Somatology Research Document .

  1. Warper > Instance > Somatology Biolab.
    • Talk to Sierra to starting Battle Mode.
    • Note: Player need to do Story Mode first, before Battle Mode.
    SL Sierra Entrance.jpg
  2. Once inside talk to Sierra to begin the instance.
    SL Sierra Starter.jpg
  3. First Phase, kill all mobs in the room.
  4. Second Phase, go outside room, go left, kill mobs along way.
  5. Third Phase, kill all mobs in the room, go left.
  6. Fourth Phase, kill all mobs in the room, go down first then go up then left, kill all mobs along way.
  7. Fifth Phase, kill all mobs in the room, then go to 4 section, clear the mobs.
  8. Six Phase, kill all mobs in the room, upper then left, clear the mobs.
  9. Seven Phase, kill all mobs in the room, then talk to Sierra to go boss room.
    SL Sierra b4 Storage.jpg
  10. Go north, talk to Sierra, then kill Nameless SwordsmanNameless Swordsman.gif.
    SL Sierra inside Storage.jpg
  11. Talk to Sierra again to finish the Instance.
    SL Reward Box.jpgSL Sierra End.jpg


  1. Where the guide for Story Mode?
    • There none, player need to play and experienced it in game. (Owner Disclaimer).
  2. Where the guide for Somatology Laboratory Equipment and Enchant?
    • For detail available equipment go to this page.

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