Discord System

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Discord System

Players need to join Ragnafied Discord first before anything else. Because 90% of the available information can be gotten from Discord.
After join, users can post or write in #general-discusion under >Comunity. As mention in Market, to user who want to write in >Marketplace need to get "Poring" state first.
How to get "Poring" state? here a way :

1. Open new browser (Mozila, Opera, etc), go to Ragnafied Forum, https://playragnafied.net/board
2. Register or make an account for Forum, after succed then login.
3. After login open new tab, then open your discord in that tab (assuming already join Ragnafied Discord)
4. Back to Forum Tab, search "Social Links" tab, in line with Home, or go to Account Setting. Choose Discord and it will be linked.
5. Refresh Discord Tab, and your discord should be get "Poring" state.


Open Ragnafied Discord, go to > Announcement, click on the #how-to section

As user can see in right tab, there a few colours in the name of users, here the detail :

Poring 0-10 Post in Forum
Drops 11-20 Post in Forum
Poporing 21-30 Post in Forum
Marin 31-40+ Post in Forum