Automatic Events

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Automatic Events

Automatic Events are scheduled event that already set by Staff.

  • To join Automatic Event = Player just need to type @joinevent when registration time still availabe, which is 1 minute before event starts.
  • Reward Event (each/character) = 10 Ragnafied Trading Card.
    • Bombring - increased to 30 RTC from 10.
    • Dice - increased to 100 RTC from 10.
    • Poring Catcher - increased to 30 RTC from 5.
    • Typing - increased to 50 cash points per round from 10.


Event List (Repeat every 4 hours)
Server Time Event Name
00.02 Bombring
01.02 Dice
02.02 Poring Catcher
03.02 Typing


Duration : 5 Round within 1 Minute.

Once start, Bombring mobs will spawn and chase player, player should avoid mobs and survived till 5 round.


Duration : 1 choose only.

Dice event are simple one. Player need to choose number 1-4 and standing inside number box/area.
Do not standing outside number box/area or player will automatically disqualified.

Poring Catcher

Duration : Kill 2 correct Poring

Once event starts there will spawn 100 wrong Poring and 2 correct Poring. Player need to kill correct Poring.
Each correct Poring is 5 Ragnafied Trading Card. Once 2 correct Poring killed, event is over.


Duration : 10 Rounds.

Once starts there will pop up NPC with chat box. Player need to type following random words. 10 Cash Point each round.


1. Reward Change