Please make sure you understand everything to avoid issues later on!

By donating/purchasing Cash Points (via Proof Of Donation), you are supporting the running and maintenance of Ragnafied Yggdrasil Server.


  1. Click the "AGREEMENTS" to read the terms and service with regards to donations/topups made to the server.
  2. The price of donation ticket is $1 USD = 1 Proof of Donation which can be converted to 1 Proof of Donation = 500 Cash Points.
  3. The mode of donation are as follows:
    • Automated Donation (via Paypal) - Instant/Automated Process. No Intervention between players and Ragnafied Yggdrasil Staffs
    • Non-Automated Donation (via Western Union/Bank Account/GCash/PayMaya) - Manual proccess with intervention from the Yggdrassil Staffs and needs to follow the details below.

Automated Donation

  1. You need to have an active account and must be logged-in to donate.
  2. Navigate to Donate page.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to donate/topup.
  4. Click Confirm Donation Amount and reconfirm by clicking Donate
    • You will be redirected to PayPal transaction portal which is a 3rd party application.
    • Follow the steps provided by PayPal.
    • Once successful credits will be added to your account.
  5. Upon successful donation/topup, credit can be viewed on your account.
  6. Proceed on buying by adding Donation Ticket (Proof of Donation) to your cart via Purchase page
  7. Once you have added the tickets to your cart, navigate to Checkout tab in the same page and proceed check out.
  8. After checkout is successful, your donation credit is deducted and should prompt you to claim your ticket in-game via NPC at Prontera 138,172.
  9. Once POD's are claimed in game, you can use the command @exchange to convert your ticket to Cash Points.
    • Note: Please make sure your cash shop is not open or there's a possibility that it will not convert your tickets.
    • Worst Scenario: You will lose your ticket without being converted to Cash Points.
    • We will not refund any lost ticket due to this instance as it is not recoverable.

Non-Automated Donation

Choose the mode of payment/topup you would like to choose below to get its details.

  • Western Union
    1. Go to the nearest Western Union Branch.
    2. Get form and fill the details:
    3. Submit the form to the teller and get your MTCN (!IMPORTANT)
    4. E-Mail with the template below.
    5. Wait for us to process your donation which might take 12-24 hours upon acknowledging receipt.
  • GCash/PayMaya
    • Thru Manual Top-Up via Physical Store/Branch
      1. Find the nearest 7-Eleven Branch on your location.
        You can also check GCash How to Cash-In page for your preferred channel to send your donation.
      2. Go to the CLiQQ kiosk and select "e-money".
      3. Select "GCash/PayMaya".
      4. Type in our GCash/PayMaya-registered mobile number below:
      5. Type in the amount you want to Cash-In and confirm.
      6. Scan the barcode at the cashier and pay.
    • Thru Mobile APP
      1. Open your GCash/PayMaya application on your mobile device.
      2. Find & Click Send Money.
      3. For GCash:
        • Choose Express Send.
        • Send to* 09278938666
        • Input Amount
        • Wait for the confirmation text and pull-out the Reference No.
        For PayMaya:
        • Send to* 09278938666
        • Input Amount
        • Copy the Reference ID that appeared or wait for the confirmation text and pull-out the Reference ID.
      4. Send the Reference ID/No. together with other details with the template below to
      5. Wait for us to process your donation which might take 1-2 hours upon acknowledging receipt.

Non-Automated Donation Template

Again, please send your email to with the following details below:

        Email Subject: Mode of Donation - Western Union/GCash/PayMaya
        Body of Email:
        Sender Name (If Western Union): Juan Dela Cruz
        Amount Sent: $5.00
        IGN (In-Game Name): Support
        Reference ID/MTCN: XXXX-XXX-XXX-XXX

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