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Ragnafied Yggdrasil is an international renewal private server. It's mechanics is an emulation of kRO's server which aims to give you a new type of adventure.

Gameplay is close-to-official however customization such as Class Reworks, party share exp/gap modification, exp requirement, item and mob monster drop reworks are implemented to further improve it.

With storyline still revolving around midgard, future updates will be based on the original kRO's storyline such as "Illusion (Episode 17.1)" however it will not be realtime as data gathering is required.

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The entries below are summary of the latest news, updates, events of the server. Please click read more for more details.

To have a competitive and healthy War of Emperium (WOE), we have an event that will be running all month. Please see details below. Mechanics Every weekend (Friday & Saturday), 2 castles will be opened where 1 castle will be a Hot Agit. Those who successfully defend the castle a.....


Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Guild Capacity Reduction - Maximum capacity is now changed to 24 from 44. - To prevent error, I removed all members of the guild except the leader. NPC Updates Fall of Glast Heim - Fixed multiple spawns of.....


In a few weeks (roughly a week or 2)* server will have a major update which is Episode 17.2 - Sage's Legacy. This will introduce new meta, new instances, new builds and many more! For more information you can refer to divine-pride link. (Source: LINK) Thanks to the community for the contin.....


Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. NPC Updates Attendance System - Activated it for the month of August. Malangdo Costume - Fix menu wherein it doesn't show all stones if menu is greater than 50. Old Glast Heim - Minor optimization for the script. Field Ma.....



# Aspect Details
1 Episode 17.1 Illusion /w Illusion Dungeon & New Leveling Maps
2 Mechanics kRO's Ragnarok
3 Rates EXP: 1K | Items: 1K | Normal Cards: 10% | Boss Cards: 0.5%
4 Max Level 200/70 - Normal | 200/60 - Summoner
5 Official Features Attendance, Airship, Navigation, Achievement, Equipment Swap, Multi-hit Critical, Pet-Evolution, Guild Storage, VIP
6 Client 2018 kRO's Renewal Client | Gepard 3.0 Protected | Max 2 Client
7 Specification 2 vCPU | 8G RAM | 80G SSD | 1TB Traffic
8 Location Southeast Asia - Singapore (US-West Proxy Available)
# Aspect Details
1 Class Rework Official Class Improvements - Completed
2 EXP/Drop Penalty Disabled
3 Global Drops Overseas Care Package(s) I~IX, Shadow Cubes, Ragnafied Trading Card
4 Party Share EXP/GAP 100 Levels (Additional + 10% EXP per member)
5 Non-Player Character (NPC) Card Trader, Job Changer, Warper, Platinum Skill, Reset Master, Healer, VIP Manager, Universal Breeder & Tool Dealer
6 Automated Events Hourly Points, Dice, Typing, Poring Catcher, Lucky Pick, Bombring
7 Player Commands @go, @load, @refresh, @autoloot, @storage, @ii, @mi, @hominfo, @homtalk, @autoloot, @alootid, @playtime, @gametime

For detailed info about the server, please visit our standalone information page or our wiki. Thank you.

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