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December Major Update

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Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server.

  1. Job Improvement Bundle
    - Few things to note:
    • Source is divine-pride and based from kRO's description.
    • Some formulas need to be updated specifically skills that have description like "skills are affected by AGI".
      - The reason for this is there is no specific value of x-AGI which will affect the damage. Need to test further
  2. Old Glast Heim Challenge Mode
    - This implementation is nowhere close to official since it's hard to replicate but it's a work in progress.
    - You can follow official guide or general guide via Hazy Forest
    - There are still missing skills for the boss. We will get there.
  3. Sage's Legacy Update
    1. Water Garden Instance
      - Corrected the instance to follow official mechanics specifically during boss fighting and the side quest inside the instance.
      - Added skills of mobs.
    2. Monster Data
      - Added missing drops such as etc and cards. Still a work in progress. Bath Manager is already added.
    3. Security Area (Hidden Garden)
      - Reworked to avoid being stuck inside the instance.
  4. Decisive Battle
    • Temple of the Demon God
      - Re-worked the script to follow official mechanics and remove sudden warping/hangs on the instance itself.
  5. Others
    1. Global Drop
      - Added Red Stocking in Global Drop for Christmas Event
    2. Attendance Event
      - Updated to have a December reward.
    3. Server Base Code
      - Followed rAthena's latest commit and structure for easy tracking and updates.


  • Data Update
    - Includes CH Mode Final Data & System Data

Future Update

  • 4th Class - Mid January (Hopefully, still awaiting atleast 6 out of 13 classes skills to be completed)


Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 23:30 P.M. (SGT/GMT+8)

P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code "DECMNT-RWMAX-1212"

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