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About the introduce of 4th

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So, we are heading to the introduce of 4th alrdy, i wish i could take some time to understand the classes and etc, for this i might ask, ISN'T FOR EVERYONE, JUST FOR WHO WANTS. Create a script to do a floating exp, which means, i dont remember the exp rn on server, but i wish i could make it like 25x, not too hard, but not too easy tho, and for people that wants it "easy" just use as normal exp; if you (as players) can set your own exp would be nice, like !exp 25x(whatever the number) or !exp 1000x(i guess its the normal rate from server), just between the lowest to the highest from the server normal.

Why i`m really suggesting this, its just to have more fun as a PvE player, and create some affinity with the new classes. If you dont care about the "learning" of the classes, its okay, just go for massive exp and its done. But for people that wants to do more on server instead of just farming -> farming -> farming, this exp floating (own set) would be very nice.

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