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October 7, 2020 Updates

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Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server.

  1. Instance Update
    • Security Area (Hidden Garden)
      • Fixed possible disconnect point when talking to the story npc twice.
      • Added re-entry (2 times) for Security Area 1 & 2.
    • Water Garden
      • Added fail-safe check for the animation for 3rd portal upon talking to the slow NPC (progress bar related).
        - This should prevent from being stuck inside the instance.
      • Added re-entry (2 times).
    • Temple of Demon God
      • Corrected logic for warping players/party members out of the instance.
  2. Database Update
    • Attendance Reward
      • Updated reward for the month of October
    • Inventory Expansion
      • Added fail-safe check when reaching maximum capacity that could lead to potential server crash.
  3. Core Update
    • Optimized status calculation in preparation for trait system for 4th class update.
    • Improved NPC caching and timer to lessen server workload.


  • Attendance & Item Translation
    • This will be updated from time-to-time as there's a lot of items that needs to be updated.

Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 1:30 A.M. (SGT/GMT+8)

P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code "OKTBR-1WK"

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