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Guild of the Month - October

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To have a healthy and competitive War of Emperium (WoE) this month of october, kindly see below for the mechanics.


  • Every weekend (Friday & Saturday), guild who conquers the castle will receive 1 pt.
  • (New) Guild who conquer the Saturday castle consecutively (e.g. October 3 & 10) will receive additional 1 pt.
    Separate reward will be given to those who conquer the Saturday castle (Guild of the Week).
  • Alliance inside the castle is strictly prohibited. Once caught both guild will receive penalty which is point deduction of 3 pts.
  • Castle data will be resetted prior start of the WoE.
  • Random castle will be assigned every weekend.
  • In the event that there will be a tie in score, a Tuesday WoE will be done and whoever conquers it wins the crown.

Note: Only guild leader will receive the reward. It is his/her responsibility to share the reward to members.

  • Guild of the Month
    • 1000 PODS
    • 3000 GvG Coins
    • 24 qty of 1 Month VIP Ticket
  • Guild of the Week
    • 250 PODS
    • 800 GvG Coins
    • 24 qty of 1 Week VIP Ticket
  • Consolation
    Note: This is for the guild who conquers the castle but doesn't win the GOTM
    • 200 PODS
    • 800 GvG Coins
    • 24 qty of 1 Week VIP Ticket

Good luck! Have fun!



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