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Ragnafied Yggdrasil

September 09, 2020 Updates

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Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server.

  1. EDDA: Somatology Laboratory
    - Full implementation which includes the following:
    1. Exploration & Combat Instance
      • Need to finish exploration first before proceeding to combat mode.
    2. Enchants
      • Remove traces of EDDA Biolab on Cat Fruit Exchange.
      • Implemented enchant mechanism based from DP.
  2. Script Updates
    1. Episode 17.1
      • Updated mechanics for Finding Patrick quest which causes bug.
      • Overall quest related function in-preparation for Sage's Legacy.
    2. World Boss
      • Added doram stones in token trader
    3. Miscellaneous NPC
      • Rotated new costume in donate costumes.
      • Added doram stones in donation npc.
      • Improved function check for some custom scripts
  3. Database Updates
    1. Costume Enchant Stone Box 18
      • Corrected incorrect stone for oboro.
    2. Illusion of Labyrinth Mobs
      • Updated mob information and skills
    3. Cash Shop
      • Added new set of costumes via cash points


  • Edda Data & System
    • Please update your game files via patcher

Future Update

  • Sage's Legacy - is now available at test server. Need tester for it.
  • Glast Heim Challenge Mode - crowdfunding is available through content updates

Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 3:30 A.M. (SGT/GMT+8)

P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code. "09EDDA-MNT09"

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