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Ragnafied Test Server (Debug)

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After updating the server to support 2020 client, disconnection/map crash/map is not available has become more frequent.

To prevent this from happening and to safe guard user-data, I will close the main server data and move to test server data.



  1. What does this mean?
    - All progress done during the test server (debug mode) will not be saved.
    - Once main server is back, data pulled prior test-server will be loaded.
  2. How long will the main server closed?
    - Until the frequent crashes are solved.
    - ETA will be a day or two.
    - I hope everyone participates since the recent testing was done only by a few where the server wasn't stress tested.
  3. How to connect to test server?
    - Simply logging in.

Main Server will be closed at exactly 20:30 Server Time (+8 GMT) and Test Server will be up at exactly 21:00 Server Time.


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