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Panic Patch (Update)

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As stated on the Maintenance Delay thread linked below, the patch has been uploaded. This patch only touches base data.grf and should not affect main grf used by the current client.

Patch Details (via Ragnafied Patcher)

  • Split in to 4 patches which is 8mb minimum per patch.
  • Patch should not affect current client
  • Only base data.grf is touched
  • Patch consists of new effects which are from kRO itself.

Alternative Way to Patch (Not via Ragnafied Patcher)

  • Use Ai4rei's kRO patcher which is attached below.
  • Download patchlist.dat (attached below) to skip the files for the regular patch.
  • If not successful, revert the patchlist.dat by downloading below. Rename the file to "patchlist.dat" only

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Details of the test server will be posted later today once finalized.

P.S. Crowdfunding is available for the month of July & 2020 Client Update (More)

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