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Maintenance Delay

Maintenance Poll  

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  1. 1. Which option would you like to choose?

    • Deploy new client w/o gepard on the main server? So we can have the updates.
    • Wait for better gameplay.
  2. 2. Would you like to have a test server to test the functionality of the new client?

    • Yes
    • No.

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As we all know, yesterday's maintenance has been delayed due to a problem with my update.

Moreover, today's maintenance will also be delayed or cancelled due to one reason which is:

  1. The update that I have is already supporting 2020 client.
    - This means that gepard needs to be updated and without the reply or the new client, players will not be able to connect unless we do the following option.
    1. Provide a new client for 2k20 w/o gepard for the meantime for content/update to come forward.
      - This will enable a lot of 3rd party which are blocked by gepard shield.
      - Proxy will not work most of the time.
    2. Or we wait which means maintenance will be delayed until new client has arrived.

What to look forward once the new client is ready?
- You can expect that higher itemID are now supported thus possible implementation of new contents such as:

  1. Illusion Deep Sea - Not sure what is the correct term.
  2. Partial Implementation of Episode 17.2 - (No Instance yet / farming for mats and for items - which is possible)

Why this client update is important?
- This client blocks all the possible upcoming updates due to limited supported features.

Any alternative we can do?
- Not a good way, but yes there is! We can have a test server for the new 2k20 client which will be wiped out once the gepard support is already available.
- With this, the test server is a standalone and without connection to the main server of Ragnafied.
- This is of course possible only if the community supports it.

Advantage of the test server? (If implemented or deployed)
- We can test all possible scenario that we can encounter such as bugs/crashes with the new client.
- This minimizes downtime on the main server if ever the new client already is connected.

Thanks for your understanding! If you're capable enough to help with the proxy patch, please don't hesitate to DM me.

P.S. I have created a poll.

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