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Ragnafied Yggdrasil Rules (Forum & In-Game)

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  • Posts may not contain spam. Spam is one word posts, posts with no meaning to the topic, or double/triple posts without reason. Posting in the wrong section is also not tolerated.
  • Please do not post in all caps, use an excessive amount of emoticons, or otherwise make your post annoying and difficult to read.
  • Harassment of any kind is not tolerated.
  • Trolling and Flaming other users is also not allowed.


  • Usage of third-party program/tools (macro) are banishable. Warning may be given but depends on the severity of case.
  • AFK Farming is strictly not allowed. Punishment will be given to those who will violate and can result to permanent banishment if repetitive case already.
    1st Offense - Final Warning
    2nd Offense - 1 Day Character Ban
    3rd Offense - 7 Days Character Ban
    4th Offense - Permanent Character Ban
    5th Offense - Account Ban
  • Abuse of bugs will result to permanent banishment.
  • Real Money Trading is not allowed in the server and will result to permanent banishment for both buyer & seller.
  • No other rules follows.

These rules applies to all including donors. There will be no exception once caught. No appeal will be entertained.

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