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  1. The most important things you need to know is the commands system available in Ragnafied RO! @claim - use to redeem codes given by GM. The GM always give out codes mostly every maintenance / sudden restart of the server. @exchange - use to exchange donations credit if you donate. @jump [VIP] - no one wants to use fly wing ! use @jump instead. But you need to make sure you have VIP !~ @desc - used to check item's description. Example : @desc 552, then click on the blue link in the pop up window. @countdata - use to check how much more monster needed to be kill. It is use in Illusion Dungeon, Tomb of Honor (BIO5). In order to summon MVP in certain map, certain number of monster need to be killed. @dummy / @train - teleport to dummy spot immediately! @joinkoe / @joinpvp / @joinwoe - teleport to koe / pvp / woe map immediately! @storage / @gstorage [VIP] - Open storage or guild storage immediately! @go market/40 - Useful item sold in here ! It is also a vending spot~
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