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  1. Suggest to have this as a currency for costumes.
  2. ilqs

    WoE/KoE Reward

    Because of the prevalance of full-resist/max aspd builds and last-minute sieges, there should also be a prize for the guild with the longest hold of the emperium.
  3. ilqs

    Lapine Staff[2]

    This is the slotted one 😄
  4. ilqs

    Friday instance

    Would it be possible to have this instance as well? https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3271-kro-friday-instance-info/
  5. ilqs

    Lapine Staff[2]

    Would it be possible to add this item? https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/1679/2
  6. Ok, math time. So, for the first condition. Ghost element should only deal 70% damage to neutral property enemies and Kades Card gives -100% resistance to the ghost and holy element. So, it should be more or less 1st: Neutral Armor+Kades 1. Neutral Ammo 15k 2. Ghost Ammo (15k*2)0.7 which should be 21k damage 3. Holy Ammo 15k*2 = 30k 2nd: Holy Armor + Kades, this is tricky since having Holy Armor would reduce all holy property damage to 0 and reduce ghost to 75% of its usual damage. 1. Neutral Ammo 15k 2. Ghost Ammo (15k*2)0.75 which should be around 22.5k 3. Holy Ammo should do no damage unless I'm missing something.
  7. ilqs

    Upd Maya Purple Card

    Slight correction, this is not a sealed card which gives lesser bonuses. It's correct suffix is "of Upper True Sight".
  8. Would it be possible to change some of the contents of the Elite Siege Supply Box (14002/3) that is won after WoE/KoE? Instead of giving WoE White Potion (11503) it should give Siege White Potion (11548) Instead of giving WoE Blue Potion (11504) it should give Siege Blue Potion (11549)
  9. VIP expired. Vip=Max: 800 Non-Vip=Max:500
  10. Is this just a description error because the new one is supposed to be "...bonus damage from user's Agi and Dex to Str."
  11. ilqs

    @storeall command

    Can we have this command for easier sharing of items between characters.
  12. You don't get it... In the first picture your luk has a bonus of +26 and in the second it only has a bonus of +19. The reason why you have 2 less cirt is the difference of luck in the two pictures which is 7 (3 luck=1 crit).
  13. Look at your stats... The difference is the lack of bonus +7 luck. 3 Luk=1 Crit.
  14. With the availability of Enriched Ores and Blacksmith Blessings the lesser HD Ores are just piling up in storage. I suggest that we can convert 20 HD Ori/Elu to 1 HD Bradium/Carnium
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