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  1. dazamn

    Shadow costume

    For each 2 refine levels: It should give def +20 not def +2 please check
  2. I would like to propose this suggestion which is limiting the maximum members capacity for every guild, how about limiting it for only 21 (or put your opinions below) members maximum. Why? This will help to avoid dual accounts to join inside the War of Emperium, to outnumbered the other participants, and the possibility of more Guilds to participate during WoE. If you have any suggestions in this proposal, please share your thoughts below.
  3. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28953/poring-combat-shield-1 Poring Combat Shield [1] #28953
  4. ( Def + 10 per refine rate. ) Instead of Def + 10 every refine, this shadow armor gives def +1
  5. Ohh, I ain't sure tho but your name is familiar for me 🙂
  6. Oh no, WM Reverberation - same as above, splash should not multiply damage by number of hits in the area. no more echo slam effect
  7. dazamn


    Since Spectral Plasma Card is now fixed, I hope Arch Plasma and Holy Frus card get their right description too. Also the Bijou + Enhanced Amdarais card combo script effect. Reduces damage taken from Shadow and Undead property attacks by 100%. Source https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/4636/bijou-card ( sry, the last report was deleted accidently )
  8. #24387, #24388, #24389, #24390, #24391
  9. Waiting for more overseas package
  10. You can invite somebody for temporary and ofcourse, ask a permission first.
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