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  1. from what I understand, Kunai is already removed right? then why i can't use "elemental" kunai on my oboro's kunai related skill? 😐 *p.s. : try to equip it, but say requirement doesn't meet. and maybe i think it is related to this configuration, https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/5663 Can you help to check this ? Or maybe im wrong? Thanks
  2. Hi, Can our server have a job reset NPC? I think its good and better solution for people who already have max character and don't want to create new account. My suggested logic / flow for the scenario is: - Need character to be lv max - Only work for non baby and non transcended (Soul Linker, Gunslinger, etc) job (because i think its will be weird and complicated for the logic because "normal" jobs need to rebirth to get more complete stats ?) - If player choose to reset, need to pay with xxxxx (either zenny or item or something else), and base lvl still keep but the job lvl is reseted to 1 and job become novice Thanks.
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