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  1. What not working? Cant Be Enchant in mora.
  2. [APPLICATION] Content Moderator How long have you been playing ragnarok? I played since I was 7 years old in 2006. So I've played Ragnarok more or less for 14 years Are you familiar with renewal mechanics? Yes I am . Because I prefer Renewal system beside Pre-Re or Classic What episode are you familiar with? Start from episode 14-17.1. For episode 17.2, i started to understand gradually A brief background about yourself. I am an Indonesian who just graduated from Accounting Information Systems major. I'm a freelancer for white board animation videos. I also have experience as an admin in campus organizations Why you love ragnarok. because ragnarok is my game from childhood and I still play until now. I like the story of the quests, I like how people sit and chat with each other in South Prontera, I like to see people working together to win when WoE or defeat mvp or instances, and many more Facebook profile (Not a dummy account). https://www.facebook.com/chikal.elrayyan
  3. When I did Qeust Sage Legacy and followed the steps through the wiki ragnafied, when I entered the side quest water garden section, or the storyline of the water garden instance, there was a bug where in the first room when I talked to npc gardener, the monsters didn't come out and only papillae only spawn once, and i stuck in that room
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