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  1. [APPLICATION] support/helper staff How long have you been playing ragnarok? its been about 10 years since the first time i played ragnarok so its about half of my lifetime Are you familiar with renewal mechanics? I do. I started playing ragnarok routinely since renewal What episode are you familiar with? Every episode before 17.1 I dont have access for 17.1 server since south east asean server usually use 16.1 downwards. but i often watch 17.1 gameplay on youtube hehe A brief background about yourself. Well I'm a student from indonesia who's been majoring in communication science. i'm so interested in making ragnarok offline server for my personal use, ive been doing that for like 3 years or so. Why you love ragnarok. The main thing I like about ragnarok is it's artstyle and world building. The lore is beautifuly crafted, they merged norse mythology and steampunk thingy which is nice and i also loved the progression Facebook profile (Not a dummy account). https://www.facebook.com/nabil.afandi
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