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  1. Hi there, After spending much time farming crimson bow[2]. Upgraded it to +10. After I log out to rest, and log in again all my upgraded crimson bow were gone. Fine, i go farming again. n now I couldn't even put the crimson bow inside my storage? Did my account got neft or your server data got problem? *username : tonduluboy
  2. Hi, New player here, can i open 2 ro client on the same pc? if can how?
  3. Thank You very much, you save the day. I've been trying to save since last night nothing work. The wiki need to change into these simple commands and correct instruction.
  4. Hello, there new user 1 week maybe. I tried everything using the wiki and nothing work. I want to SAVE autoloot alcohol + empty_bottle + blue gemstone. So that every time i LOG OUT n LOG IN i don't need to type the command again. So what is the process / command to save these 2 items?
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