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  1. Dimitto

    Sealed OS Bug?

    Hi, I was doing some Sealed OS Quest for me to farm for illu set but I once I entered and talked to Ridsh, I cannot seem to go to the right side. The Suspicious Device does not appear as well. I even tried entering the 3 portals but it just keeps me back to the entrance.
  2. Good day Ragnafied People! I am currently playing in this server for 3 days (I think?) and loving it so far! Lots of friendly peeps as well. See you guys around! (btw how do you do the signature of your players? xD) Dimitto / Lonely Citizen
  3. Hi, Just a suggestion wherein a maybe short Cooldown for Basic Instances like Airship Assault, Ghost Palace, Etc. to a short one but not spammable. Also. I wanted to an instance with a friend but it seems that it's for soloing only. We just wanted to have fun in a fun instance. Thank you. Concerned Citizen
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