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  1. [Update] You have unwanted items but can't get rid of it? use @clearinventory command! It will clear everything immediately. But make sure you don't have any other item that you are going use~
  2. Some weapon and armor cannot be equip by baby : for example edda equip, shadow equip and ancient hero. *Blue Crystal Staff [ITEM ID 640004]
  3. Minus 1. Decreasing the guild cap is just so not friendly. Every guild has their up and downside, fallen and rise. And everyone wants to play with their friends too. There is a crystal clear solution for under-power guild. Every guild must face their own obstacles in their own way, finding a solution and so on. Hard work does matter in gaming. including befriending each other. πŸ’– 1. Merge. This doesn't count as cheating at all. Because it takes time too, it takes time to recruit, to familiarize with new members, to understand each other language. To make a BIG CHANGE. This also helps to create a healthy community in the server. Because, if you don't have a plan or strategy, merging doesn't give any benefit to you if our gameplay does not have teamwork and understanding to each other. More people means more idea, more idea means a solution. πŸ’– 2. Recruiting new members from another server/games, not only you will get more member but helps the server population. If you decrease the cap, what if another guild really have their own friend but cannot get in due to the small guild capacity? That is so sad. Recruiting a newbie to a server, especially when they are not yet familiar with the server's system and gameplay, it took time too. But be patient, because it will give you fruitful results even if it is later than sooner πŸ’–β˜ΊοΈ 3. By the way, I'm very sorry to say this but wanting more guilds to join the KOE/WOE is just does not valid anymore 😞 It will just create an unhappy situation, fighting against each other and more. Unless they are really someone who wants to lead their own guild and not just because they were forced to split because of the small guild capacity πŸ˜žπŸ’”
  4. I suggest to turn off KOE during WOE day's, except if GM really purposely do the system like that
  5. I always accidentally warped to KOE map even when the WOE is on going. Why?
  6. How to use @alootid2 ? Simple as eating a pudding! Type @alootid2 save 1/2/3/4/5/6 1000 1001 1002 1003(Item ID can be put up to 10 ID) Only Item ID can be use in @alootid2, item's name will not work. Use @alootid2 load 1/2/3/4/5/6~ to use it. This command is character-bounded so it will not vanish every time you re-login, but you will need to do the same thing to other character Here some important codes ! 1. OGH Run @alootid2 save # 6608 6607 6755 2. Pots @alootid2 save # 607 608 552 12599 3. Soutane Farming @alootid2 save # 32859 25767
  7. [Update] @base !~ For who applied for guild base, we can now use @itemreset/clearinventory ~ to delete all unwanted / can't be drop or traded items. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY IMPORTANT ITEMS
  8. @go market/40 and you will see these useful npc. Do you ever know we have costume previewer? Walk to west prontera at the centre and get into the house. And you will see this npc. View all the costume for free ! We also have gachapon and costume changer ! Gachapon cost you 10m zeny Costume Change cost you 3 RTC. you can also convert costume to normal headgear for 1 RTC
  9. The most important things you need to know is the commands system available in Ragnafied RO! @claim - use to redeem codes given by GM. The GM always give out codes mostly every maintenance / sudden restart of the server. @exchange - use to exchange donations credit if you donate. @jump [VIP] - no one wants to use fly wing ! use @jump instead. But you need to make sure you have VIP !~ @desc - used to check item's description. Example : @desc 552, then click on the blue link in the pop up window. @countdata - use to check how much more monster needed to be kill. It is use in Illusion Dungeon, Tomb of Honor (BIO5). In order to summon MVP in certain map, certain number of monster need to be killed. @dummy / @train - teleport to dummy spot immediately! @joinkoe / @joinpvp / @joinwoe - teleport to koe / pvp / woe map immediately! @storage / @gstorage [VIP] - Open storage or guild storage immediately! @go market/40 - Useful item sold in here ! It is also a vending spot~
  10. I tried to compare the effect of these two armor. The damage does take an effect perfectly as it does increase the MATK. BUT😡. It doesn't decrease the variable casting time. Antonio Coat (#15249) only decrease variable casting time by 10% meanwhile INT Soutane(#15401) decrease variable casting time by 20% when it's enchanted with INT Blessing. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15401/int-soutane-1 Is it my mistake ? Everything is just the same, I just changed the armor between Antonio and INT Soutane. I even discard my card in Antonio Coat.
  11. Either just being a spectator or participant, Im always up for an event ~πŸ’–
  12. Ixara Zen

    Guild Base

    +1 Should have *Guild Store *Basic NPC like healer, tool dealer etc. *Cannot be visited by non-member.
  13. I see. I didn't know that. Okay thanks.
  14. Updated Warlock Skill; Reading spell book should release specific skill, but it seems that it only just release regular ball. Basically it's a failure. Please check again.
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