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  1. Mors

    Party Content

    A Suggestion to add an area where very strong monsters exist. Monsters that need a whole party to kill and has the ability to wipe a whole party. This suggestion is pretty much asking for custom content but, if it's possible to implement it would make a great alternative for the cat fruit exchanger which would stop people from monopolizing Mini Bosses and make the gears more accessible for everyone.
  2. Mors

    Charleston NPCs

    Actually here is a video of someone interacting with the NPC but it's in korean. (She's the mechanic with a cat on her head)
  3. Mors

    Charleston NPCs

    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but the coordinates in the official server is verus04 76 114. Right where our Charleston NPC is currently at. As for her dialog I'm not so sure how I can provide.
  4. Mors

    Charleston NPCs

    Charleston NPC won't let me buy items from her. I even tried buying as a mechanic and she still won't let me. Also, the NPC (Su Winterguard) to slot the equipment that can be bought from this NPC is Missing. https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3119-kro-charleston-crisis-revamp/
  5. Book of Dimensions doesn't allow the user to spam Nova Explosion for 5 seconds after meeting the criteria of using Nova Explosion (Instead the user can use the nova explosion twice, once with the book and second after it.) . It also doesn't Protect the user from excess damage done to the shield provided by Advent of the Star Emperor https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Template:Star_Emperor_Skills
  6. Mors

    Modification Above All

    still reduces it by 5% instead of just ignoring it
  7. Above all modification reduces player reduction by 5%. it stated that it gives reduction to everything except players but instead of doing that it reduces player reduction. Also if possible can size reductions be added at @battlestats
  8. Guild Name: Untended Guild Leader Name: Meliodafu Members Count : 11
  9. Mors

    +15 LUK Bar

    +15 LUK Bar doesn't give crit rate. Crit increased due to getting 15 Luk but the sub effect doesn't work
  10. RK Storm Blast specifically the one that procs from Lux Anima Runestone multiplies itself by the amount of units it hits. check the video for bug demonstration https://streamable.com/cq9ecr
  11. Yo! My name is Mors and I am a very bad RO Player. But, I still try anyway. Pleasure to meet you all 😄
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