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  1. Henry

    shadow forge

    using hammer till +10 is real bs ,i still vote bsb usage on +7 till +10 getting a clean parts itself is already pain in the ass , and then we gotta continue with the crazy +10 rng with that 16mil hammer ?(discounted) even using 150hammer u be consider super super lucky if u hit +10. that jst 1 part of shadow equips we have 5 more slot to fill and repeat the nightmare. if this keep going i feel like we should called our server abyss3 RO or maybe Treasure box RO +1 anyway
  2. please add field or world boss so player are not sitting in town and get bored!
  3. Please make a custom dungeon for end game PvM lovers (hard and need a party to run it) for drops maybe some exclusive item that arent in box also maybe global drops so those who play support get their shares
  4. Adding a slot machine that consume RTC for a prize isnt a bad idea. ( helps rtc that are flowing on server stable)
  5. Henry

    @countdata rework

    Please modify the amount of monster that must be killed on those illusion dungeon instead of 1500 maybe it should be lowered abit ! commands @countdata
  6. Please add more list of MvP that will be spawn thru central lab !
  7. dced on gmt when about to face fenrir is real annoying +1000
  8. PvM lover will def agree on increasing the enchant rate, but not those who fancy Pvp, upcoming content surely need this. talking about OP, mixed jro and kro is alr OP theres no reason not to increase it it can be simply solved if it cant be wear on PvP &WoE zone.
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