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  1. Question with Consolation Box are they also given to guild leaders of participating guilds? IMO Consolation Box might get abused especially with pods involved. Some players might create dummy guilds for this. Some suggestions for Consolation Box so only those that really participate would be rewarded. 1.) Only registered guilds could participate in GOTM WOE. 2.) Remove POD on Consolation Box.
  2. Please add this item so rebellion could have a little bit of a buff. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/470027/juggernaut
  3. Exeon

    GOTM inquiry

    What score for current GOTM?
  4. Exeon

    Fairy Soul Bug

    Fairy Soul skill doesn't give matk to target. Other souls work as intended. See screenshot below
  5. Exeon

    KRO Update

    this update is not good for the current timeline wuhahaha
  6. Name of Guild : Boss Guild Leader: Sett
  7. Dust Shadow Armor 24548 Dust Shadow Shield 24549 Dust Shadow Shoes 24550 Strain Shadow Earring 24517 Strain Shadow Pendant 24516 Strain Shadow Weapon 24515 tested on them. no options but skillbook was used. also would like to get replacement for that skillbooks that were lost.
  8. long range damage 20% critical damage 20% are missing crit +5 hit +5 works
  9. tried trading with other people they can't click it also
  10. yes, game is up to date
  11. Card effect when slotted in bows doesn't work only the part with critical damage per weapon refine works.
  12. Clicking Great Hero's Wisdom or putting it in hotkey bar doesn't do anything.
  13. May I add also don't work for Dust Shadow Set Strain Shadow Set
  14. Just want to suggest a quality of life command that is implemented on other servers. @storeall - stores every single item from inventory and equipment all in one go to storage @storeall 2 - this command moves items only from inventory to storage @storeall 3 - this, on the other hand, moves items only from equipment to storage This will help farmers and people who often switch characters alot. .
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