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  1. Hello again, i was wondering (again) if it's possible to implement 'Instance Re-Entry' like Old Glast Heim, but in most of the instances (if not all). For instance (pun half intended), there was one time that i got laggy connection during an instance before actually disconnected, then found out i can't re-enter the instance (Faceworm Nest, that time) when i return to the (Faceworm) instance gate. I think it would be great (and actually useful) if we could reenter the instance just like Old Glast Heim one. Thank you.😄
  2. Hello, i was wondering if we could implement PVP Yoyo Mode, because it getting harder for newbies to test their (playing or corresponding job) skills. The Duel feature is great for skill/damage-testing but the 1-minute delay feels too long (especially if someone accidentally being killed while damage testing). Could the duel delay-duration being removed or at least make it shorter (10 seconds at longest)? Thank you.😄
  3. I see, thank you for the reply and explanation😄. It would be great too if we have also the Instance, since I've been wondering about that particular instance's story.
  4. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Bioresearch_Laboratory Hello, i was wondering if this particular instance available yet on the server, or if it's not yet available, could we get this implemented/update next time? Thank you very much.😄
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