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  1. To add to the Class Costume Stones in Donation NPC and World Boss Token NPC, please add these following rare stones as well (rarity is based on Divine Pride database): Casting Stone (Garment) - 25067 Critical Stone (Garment) - 25303 Double Attack Stone (Garment) - 25302 Hoping for this to be accepted. Thanks.
  2. Just like the new donate costumes, make the old ones enchantable. Forbidden Set, Dragon Set, etc
  3. because of WB people got spoon-fed hence, got spoiled lol
  4. There's no option to enchant Professor II stones on both Upper and Middle Costumes (dont know about Lower and Sorcerer II Garment) yet.
  5. Expelliarmus


    Reintroduce Kurma (ii:12599) to server this upcoming Eid'l Adha (July 30) 😄 People who were not in the server during the celebration of Ramadhan most probablyly do not have access to it.
  6. true. Economics 101 being applied here lol
  7. this aint a marketplace but lemme just segue for a while lol i need neev of vit2, neev of vit2 OR neev of vit2, neev of vit1
  8. Please implement this to our server. It would be of great help since there are atleast 38 possible enchants to an Illusion Armor and getting 2 pcs of the same enchant is virtually impossible. Guide Link (stolen from Nova lol): https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Illusion_Dungeons#Illusion_Weapon_Level_4_Enchants
  9. can I/we see the list of added missing pets? idk which pets were already implemented in the server and which one werent until this update
  10. not sure about this. I frequently use it in WoE and I noticed that most ppl weren't able to move after casting it.
  11. welp i see. tested it with vit soutane and it broke after using normal atks. it wont break with long range tho but i guess im just unlucky. as for weapon break, 0 luck lol idk if im unlucky or this is bugged
  12. how?i tested it today and 2 weeks ago with both long ranged phys. attack and melee normal attacks. haven't divested a single armor/weapon P.S: my aspd when i was testing it with melee normal attacks was 193 so that would most prolly account for hundreds of attacks with no success in divesting the armor/weapon.
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