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  1. rottentwig

    Cat Ear Beret

    what so it is not capped to +12 max? that's too OP
  2. Hi Dimitto! Welcome~ Hope we can meet In-game from what I know, For the signature, you can get it from our discord channel, join it first, and then type !signature
  3. will also sniff around in this thread 😄
  4. that's harsh! 😆 asking around in-game might be better to know builds around this server
  5. rottentwig

    Lisa here~

    been a while since I saw you in-game Lisya, but nevertheless, hi! 😄
  6. hi Nico! welcome to the server, hope we can meet and chat in-game 😄 like iDay said, yes maybe you can start googling, as this server is still building the wiki page and the information of builds is still not complete
  7. Name of Guild : Silhouette Guild Leader : Farvald
  8. do we have other means of donating beside paypal for people outside PH?
  9. +1, this is really great Idea
  10. Ah I see Thank you for the explanation
  11. Title: Storage Maximum Number Bug Description: My friend's account got a weird number showing on his/her storage He has 546 items while the maximum number is 500 (i believe it should be 800, no?) I attached the screenshot for reference
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