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  1. Hi! My question is how can you even tell how many shields you got? Is it just me with the invisible effect problem? I don't see a lot of skill effects and when I cast Verkana it's like nothing happened, I just have to believe that I have Millenium Shield T_T
  2. Amaterasu

    OCP Drops.

    Yeah I agree with Kalt - OCP rotation sounds like a super fun idea! +1
  3. Can you make it so that the Dress Room can be navigated with Up Arrow and Down Arrow when browsing styles and colors? Please and thank you!
  4. Name of Guild: Scions of Lif Guild Leader: Amaterasu
  5. Hello, People of Yggdrasil! I'm a long-time PC gamer that's pretty new to the Ragnarok scene, and I thought I'd give this server a try. It's my first time in Renewal, but I'm having a blast so far! 😄 Hit me up in-game! I'm Amaterasu, and I lead the Scions of Lif! We're a super-small casual guild composed mainly of noobs, but we do our best to help each other out and we're always open to making friends and helping out total noobs like us however we can. If you're new to Ragnarok and want to join, send me a message in-game, and let's get lost together! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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