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  1. Maybe change its script to be a consumable as a portable warper, or change global drop really
  2. There was an issue regarding temple of demon god, if you party with the Instance Creator any of your other online character will also teleported. This happened since the Instance exist lol. you get teleported even your current char not even the same party It warps/recalls you to fire basin map, even without a party randomly.
  3. Jay

    Cat Ear Beret

    Case explained that it have shittier resist than the +12 version, and didnt improve server resist at all. Deep down everyone knows this.
  4. Jay

    Cat Ear Beret

    Not everyone can afford +18, and so it will have shittier effect than the +12 capped version, so ill talk on their behalf too 😄
  5. Jay

    Cat Ear Beret

    After testing 17.2 quests , along with the items and cards, I would gladly suggest that we use back +12 Capped CEB (iro Version i think). Tested with even basic gear this will help a lot, without needing +18 tickets. Whoever tested 17.2 item will know how significant future damage will come in woe, later all will be one shot meta again.
  6. Done this again with a new char, you clearly missed Hibba Agit and his gang in fire basin.
  7. Jay

    Maestro skills

    Up, weirdly buggy and curious to know more.
  8. Talk to the said npc, it will give the quest to kill Demon God , Brinneranea and Muspelskoll i dunno how to spell these mob. But yeah they give the quest first to you before you can even speak with Nidhogg.
  9. Did u take the quest beforehand by talking to Hibba Agit and Tiblak?
  10. as the title said, its not detected by the npc Item ID #29663 Maybe the box give the wrong item, should be #25854 instead
  11. I thought this is already reduced to 90% for our server?
  12. It breaks the item instead of divesting it. So any unbreakable items wont be affected.
  13. Item Name : Costume Filir Wing Item ID : 19853 Issue : Cant be stored or traded
  14. Maybe your card is forcing it to be on the right side
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