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  1. It breaks the item instead of divesting it. So any unbreakable items wont be affected.
  2. Item Name : Costume Filir Wing Item ID : 19853 Issue : Cant be stored or traded
  3. Maybe your card is forcing it to be on the right side
  4. Anyone else get enchants above lvl 8 show up ur heads ❤️ I dont think its possible to get higher than that, getting the right special enchant is already a pain in the ass, adds more on upgrading.
  5. Welcome to the server! Start working on Illusion 17.1 quest , its the basic item for all class. Weapons would be easy to use Lindy Hop from Sky Fortress, then you can work on old headgear from Bio5. Focus on farming boxes and rtc those will be great help. Endgame build would be einbech/edda weapons , with temporal shoes, mant, ring , and soutane armor
  6. Jay

    Divine Guard Hat

    +1, so are the other Community Created Headgears also cant trade https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/14459/iRO
  7. Item 1 Name : Apollo Armor 👕 Item ID : 15362 Item 2 Name : Eddga Card 🐯 Item ID : 4123 Item Combo of this two item doesn't exist, tried receiving magical damage or either way still doesn't proc frozen, stun or petrified.
  8. ro = waiting game hahaha. Dont get me started on Terra Gloria dialogues!!! 😪
  9. Jay

    Millenium Shield

    Excess damage does not carry over to the next available shield
  10. Jay

    Guild Capacity.

    Keep it at 44, seems fine to me. Seems fine for them before. No one left out if thats your prior, truce all you want if you don't want to merge, thats your way of coping so why not. You coped well. Maybe as we grow more like other major private server, increasing limit would be good. Anything for the community, i'm fine with it. Lets have fun playing, no one will ever be left out 🤗
  11. Jay

    Guild Capacity.

    Clearly they are fine for few months, now in a week asks for this 😪, anything happen recently?
  12. Jay

    Guild Capacity.

    err i said increase, not decrease decrease will make it less slot, but the server is growing. Yet increase makes u feel other guild beat you with quantity? even if we stay/increase, you can still have your "truce" strategy as some guild do, and even make alt guild for def and emp, I dont see where the problem lands now 😅 I dont want my friend feel left out too, just like you brother ❤️ Unless you want the server to fit in just for your friends, not mine.
  13. Jay

    Guild Capacity.

    So yeah, as if anyone or any friends left out, the best way is to increase , not somehow reduce it to whatever your exact personal member count. Too little cap? Not enough slot Merge? Not enough slot Yeah obviously you want to increase. Not personally want the server to fit in your exact own party/guild count.
  14. Jay

    Guild Capacity.

    Then why decrease if u feel some friends left out if u have more than 22? Why not just increase more? Thats means the server grow right? Means you just dont want. Dont want to have more member, Thinking truce was ethical but somehow unethical to join others Feels that you dont need to grow? 44 guild cap is as good as it is for the community, and it will grow larger as the server grow. Yeah its hard to gain member, hard to build eq too (dunno why you said its ez, mvp camping for cp?) but yeah its for greater good, not to get stuck on 22 members , and make alt guild to camp entrance. Yeah, its archievable to gain more member, and for greater good and not to let anyone left out, is just to increase it more.
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