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  1. uhh i meant balancing edp to unlimit/rk buff levels if you didnt get what i said. never have i said to nerf unlimit.
  2. On a second thought wouldn't it be better to nerf EDP on WoE / PvP instead of their damaging skills instead? we can also balance this to Unlimit and that RK rune if that makes sense.
  3. Kalt

    OCP Drops.

    It sounds nice and all but this creates a few points 1. This creates a wall between Newbies and Veterans' access to some gear and drops 2. Rich gets richer since its gonna be the well geared Veterans' who will be monopolizing the MVP's most of the time 3. Some people including me doesn't really enjoy this competition getting KS'ed on Abyss or other Farming maps might be manageable because there's a lot of mobs to hit, But MVPs? those thing has 1hour spawn timer at least imagine waiting for them to respawn just to get ran down by a passing player which will cause frustration and probably lead to a toxic gameplay and not enjoyable time for some people on the community. just a few of my thoughts take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Kalt

    MVP point system

    +1 makes farming mvp's with less desirable drops worth while.
  5. Kalt

    OCP Drops.

    How about having a rotation for OCP like the old ones gets added to the gacha and removed temporarily from global drops and add new OCP to global drops and vice versa that way even if its not on global drop its still gonna be available.
  6. lisya

    i knew this pictures, is that 25th baam?

    1. Kalt


      no its Viole xD

    2. lisya


      but Viole has long hair..

  7. Kalt

    Old Card Album.

    +1 but dont include quest locked mobs or does that defeat the purpose of this?
  8. Kalt

    Lisa here~

    Hello there~ welcome to the server I hope you enjoy your stay 😇
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