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  1. btw we got this https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/5531/baby-dragon-hat-1 this https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20860/battle-surcoat-1 also this(only if u're a rune knight) https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19195/racing-cap-rune-knight-1 and this https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/25302/double-attack-stone-garment i think all of those are better option than snake head
  2. badass update is here bois🤩
  3. i guess thats how official work?
  4. Hello! so, ive been thinking would be good if we got a periodically kRO's cash shop items updates per maintenance/2 weeks gap/balancing with the update. so we got a better content and resources and not just stuck by it. based on divine-pride kRO cash shop items update on this link: Click here also, adding these to box or cash shop would be great. thanks, hope dev look further into this one. really
  5. Hi! Please improve the current water field effect cause the current one is kinda buggy (sometimes the effect gone, or sometimes the water is flooding out the screen) and also the rework version has better animation XD as the picture above to this isnt custom means official based on kRO updates. you can check the updates notes on this link: Click Here (Section 8) thanks!
  6. +1 for shield ring but nope for geffenia ice magic tool. that one is kinda op especially comet and frost misty is one of the skill that oftenly used at GvG
  7. we already have this from overseas care package box sir
  8. EDIT: my fault i didn't change the divine pride to kro server. the shield DOES HAVE A SLOT. pardon me so sorry about this, thanks!
  9. Hi! ok so there's a bug on mad bunny (itemid: 2189) and piamette ribbon (itemid: 20725) on cash shop like the picture below: its increase all elemental resist 2x shield refine + 5% bonus from the shield itself. its supposed to be like this: PLUS, at divine pride the shield DOESNT HAVE slot. u can check by urself if theres any mad bunny resist element that does have slots???? YES IT IS, BUT ITS DIFFERENT SHIELD:) Thanks, i hope GM team look further to this. 🙂
  10. wrong desc or smth. thats need to be combo with the manteau to get indestructible armor
  11. bro... we even have more reduce than iro have. take a look at this mechanic table its April 11, 2020 updates. if u think the reduction value become smaller, u wrong. thats the dmg that do we have at gvg (woe maps, gdun, etc) and pk (pvp, @duel, etc). means if u have 10m longrange dmg outside gvg and pk, means u only have 40%(4m) inside gvg and 35% inside pk(3.5m). this is the simplest mechanic, idk the real mechanic is. correct me if im wrong😬
  12. Hello again! this is the second time i made a suggestion for this day, ik u didnt care😗. jk Ok, so wanna suggest if its possible to change the current dummy to different sizes? like small, medium, large instead only medium in all places. or simply just add different place to add them. cus as a PvM & PvP oriented player, i also wanna know how much dmg i do to small and large rather than only just medium. especially there a looooooooot of baby job & dorams at PvP. so i think this would gonna help us. thanks again, and hv a nice day guys!🥰
  13. Hello! want to make suggestion to add build saver & loader npc. why does it needed? for real changing stat and build is kinda annoying and little bit wasting time😗, this would make it even simple and easier to do. e.g a genetic want to change the skill build and stat build to make pot/dish/etc, after that he want to change it again to full force skill & stat build. that's annoying isnt it?😗 and if there's statement that say "to reduce the zeny in the game just reset it all the waaaaaaaaaaaay". no freakin way, just add save & load charge fee everytime we doin that. EZ&SIMPLE PROBLEM SOLVED thanks, hope any of u hv a nice day🥰
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