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  1. To have a healthy and competitive War of Emperium (WoE) the 1st month of 2021, kindly see below for the mechanics. Mechanics Every weekend (Saturday), guild who conquers the castle will receive 1 pt. Alliance inside the castle is strictly prohibited. - Once caught both guild will receive penalty which is point deduction of 3 pts and immediate disqualification. Castle data will be resetted prior start of the WoE. Random castle will be assigned every weekend. In the event that there will be a tie in score, a Tuesday WoE will be done and whoever conquers it wins the crown. Reward Note: Only guild leader will receive the reward. It is his/her responsibility to share the reward to members. Guild of the Month 2 WoE Conqueror Box per member Friday & Saturday Castle Holder WoE Conqueror Box per member Consolation Note: Any participating guild during Saturday WoE only. WoE Consolation Box Box Rewards Conqueror Box 20 POD's 100 GvG Coins 1 Week VIP Ticket +12 ARD/WRD Consolation Box 5 POD's 50 GvG Coins 1 Week VIP Ticket +10 ARD/WRD Good luck! Have fun!
  2. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Sage's Legacy - Water Garden - Fixed the story line instance in which monster are not appearing due to wrong function call and instance naming. Christmas Costume & Other - Added them in malangdo for enchants. Red Stocking Exchange - Should appear at exactly Holiday for exchange of items. - Drop rate also increased. Nightmare Biolaboratory & Glast Heim Challenge Mode - Enchants are now updated. Forgot the link. Patch Description patch to reflect new enchants Happy Holidays!
  3. Confirmed. Found the issue and will fix later for a quick one.
  4. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Job Improvement Bundle - Few things to note: Source is divine-pride and based from kRO's description. Some formulas need to be updated specifically skills that have description like "skills are affected by AGI". - The reason for this is there is no specific value of x-AGI which will affect the damage. Need to test further Old Glast Heim Challenge Mode - This implementation is nowhere close to official since it's hard to replicate but it's a work in progress. - You can follow official guide or general guide via Hazy Forest - There are still missing skills for the boss. We will get there. Sage's Legacy Update Water Garden Instance - Corrected the instance to follow official mechanics specifically during boss fighting and the side quest inside the instance. - Added skills of mobs. Monster Data - Added missing drops such as etc and cards. Still a work in progress. Bath Manager is already added. Security Area (Hidden Garden) - Reworked to avoid being stuck inside the instance. Decisive Battle Temple of the Demon God - Re-worked the script to follow official mechanics and remove sudden warping/hangs on the instance itself. Others Global Drop - Added Red Stocking in Global Drop for Christmas Event Attendance Event - Updated to have a December reward. Server Base Code - Followed rAthena's latest commit and structure for easy tracking and updates. Patch Data Update - Includes CH Mode Final Data & System Data Future Update 4th Class - Mid January (Hopefully, still awaiting atleast 6 out of 13 classes skills to be completed) Crowdfunding November x December Hosting Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 23:30 P.M. (SGT/GMT+8) P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code "DECMNT-RWMAX-1212"
  5. In reference of the previous post below, the server maintenance will be extended up-to today at 22:00 server time. Everything looks good with regards to the update and compensation will be given which includes the following: World Boss Bug (3 Times) WoE Reward (All Players) Maintenance Due Moving forward, patches (data & client) will be uploaded later today at around 12:00 onwards. Thanks for your patience.
  6. Should be fixed after today's maintenance. If not, feel free to reply.
  7. Still looking for Maya or doing some testing. This is taking a while but surely not forgotten.
  8. iAmGnome

    Fairy Soul Bug

    Invalid working as intended. Make sure to test on dummy.
  9. Should be fixed after today's maintenance.
  10. Possibly you didn't use the release skill yet. Make sure you did it and if issue persist reply here.
  11. Server will have a maintenance starting 16:00 server time. The duration will be 12 hours minimum. The following should be updated: Job Improvement Bundle Glast Heim Challenge Mode Sage's Legacy Data Update Decisive Battle (Episode 14.3) Update
  12. After being hiatus for weeks not able to provide update due to natural calamity and work, I have finally updated the test server with the following: Old Glast Heim Challenge Mode - This is based from data mining and not yet 100% replicated. Will try to update it once we have obtained data. Job Improvement Bundle - This is in preparation for 4th Job Class which will be coming late December or Early January. (Timeline moved) rAthena's latest updates Hoping for your participation in testing the updates prior moving to main server this weekend.
  13. iAmGnome

    Donation Promo

    To give a heads up to those who wants to donate or support the server, we have currently crowdfunding which will greatly in terms of content/update. The crowdfunding gives 150% more donation credits. (E.G. $100 = 250 PODS). Currently we have 3 funding to be completed and 2 of which will greatly impact the server's development. Server Monthly Host (November) Server Monthly Host (December)
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