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  1. iAmGnome

    2020 Client Update

    Client update is around the corner and it will give way to more content updates due to the support of the following: UltraHigh Item-ID. RSW 2.0 Maps New Skill Effect Other Features However, this comes with a cost which is the storage capacity reduction (Kafra Storage). Why reduce storage capacity (Kafra Storage)? - This is not a personal decision but client-packet limitation. - There's no way to increase the storage without sacrificing important features. Thus, the pre-requisite of the update are as follows: Make sure you have updated data.grf via the Panic Patch Reduce all your character's storage capacity (kafra storage) to no more than 600. (e.g. 600/800) - If the update has been pushed to live server and you haven't reduced the capacity of your storage, you will lose the items. Moving forward, the update will be on July 8, 2020 (Wednesday) at 21:00 - 02:00 of July 9, 2020 (Thursday). The update will take atleast 3-5 hours to ensure stability. Again, kindly reduce all your storage capacity to 600 before the maintenance/update to make sure no item loss will occur. In the event that you have forgotten to reduce storage capacity, we will not compensate with the lost items. Thanks for waiting patiently for this update. P.S. We still have have open crowdfunding which are Server Host (July) | 2020 Client Feature Support
  2. Test Server is now open for stress testing. Prior downloading the test client make sure you are done with the Panic Patch linked below. How-To Download the client by via Website | MediaFire Install the client to a clean folder. Copy patched data.grf & pdata.grf from live server to the new client. Play the game by running "ragexe.exe" Account Information You can use your live account* or create a new account using _M or _F Note: For live account, only accounts who are created prior June 17, 2020 maintenance will be able to login. Characters are not kept from live server but in a few days, I will port live server db to test server to make sure everything is smooth. All progress done on test server will be deleted or wiped even the creation of account using _M or _F Known Issue Pet creation or pet hatching is not yet working. Currently being fixed. Other Information You can use @item, @item2, @zeny, @blvl, @jlvl for testing. If you have any problem to report, proceed to discord #test-server channel.
  3. As stated on the Maintenance Delay thread linked below, the patch has been uploaded. This patch only touches base data.grf and should not affect main grf used by the current client. Patch Details (via Ragnafied Patcher) Split in to 4 patches which is 8mb minimum per patch. Patch should not affect current client Only base data.grf is touched Patch consists of new effects which are from kRO itself. Alternative Way to Patch (Not via Ragnafied Patcher) Use Ai4rei's kRO patcher which is attached below. rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe Download patchlist.dat (attached below) to skip the files for the regular patch. patchlist.dat If not successful, revert the patchlist.dat by downloading below. Rename the file to "patchlist.dat" only patchlist-revert.dat If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Details of the test server will be posted later today once finalized. P.S. Crowdfunding is available for the month of July & 2020 Client Update (More)
  4. Fixed on newer clients.
  5. iAmGnome

    Maintenance Delay

    As we all know, yesterday's maintenance has been delayed due to a problem with my update. Moreover, today's maintenance will also be delayed or cancelled due to one reason which is: The update that I have is already supporting 2020 client. - This means that gepard needs to be updated and without the reply or the new client, players will not be able to connect unless we do the following option. Provide a new client for 2k20 w/o gepard for the meantime for content/update to come forward. - This will enable a lot of 3rd party which are blocked by gepard shield. - Proxy will not work most of the time. Or we wait which means maintenance will be delayed until new client has arrived. What to look forward once the new client is ready? - You can expect that higher itemID are now supported thus possible implementation of new contents such as: Illusion Deep Sea - Not sure what is the correct term. Partial Implementation of Episode 17.2 - (No Instance yet / farming for mats and for items - which is possible) Why this client update is important? - This client blocks all the possible upcoming updates due to limited supported features. Any alternative we can do? - Not a good way, but yes there is! We can have a test server for the new 2k20 client which will be wiped out once the gepard support is already available. - With this, the test server is a standalone and without connection to the main server of Ragnafied. - This is of course possible only if the community supports it. Advantage of the test server? (If implemented or deployed) - We can test all possible scenario that we can encounter such as bugs/crashes with the new client. - This minimizes downtime on the main server if ever the new client already is connected. Thanks for your understanding! If you're capable enough to help with the proxy patch, please don't hesitate to DM me. P.S. I have created a poll.
  6. No follow up. Closing.
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