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  1. After being hiatus for weeks not able to provide update due to natural calamity and work, I have finally updated the test server with the following: Old Glast Heim Challenge Mode - This is based from data mining and not yet 100% replicated. Will try to update it once we have obtained data. Job Improvement Bundle - This is in preparation for 4th Job Class which will be coming late December or Early January. (Timeline moved) rAthena's latest updates Hoping for your participation in testing the updates prior moving to main server this weekend.
  2. iAmGnome

    Donation Promo

    To give a heads up to those who wants to donate or support the server, we have currently crowdfunding which will greatly in terms of content/update. The crowdfunding gives 150% more donation credits. (E.G. $100 = 250 PODS). Currently we have 3 funding to be completed and 2 of which will greatly impact the server's development. Server Monthly Host (November) Server Monthly Host (December)
  3. iAmGnome

    GOTM inquiry

    Final score: Ang Galing - 4 | New Meta - 3 -3 for Ang Galing for Teaming Up with 2 guilds which is No ID No Entry and No Guild. This serves as a warning for the mentioned guild.
  4. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Script Updates Sage's Legacy Warehouse Quest Fixed basement entrance where it checks incorrect variable where it should allow entry as long as you completed emergency key quest. Fixed variable stuck upon accidentally deleting quest item after talking to Chirp. Illusion Securing Rekenberg Fixed Staff NPC where players unable to talk to NPC. Database Updates Updated to follow rAthena's commit #d3074f & https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/f8dc145cd2c0bcb0422cb67e68b752a78d2933dc Corrected stat bonus for Rebellion class. Skill Updates Stellar Mark - Fixed a crash signal that caused the server to go down for 1 instance. Overheat - Fixed status not properly accounting duration during battle calculations. Sonic Blow - Corrected damage formula to skill level * 100 + 200. Core Updates Item Bonus This is a problematic commit on the server side as it has conflicts to my code. Reference This could possibly cause server crash but added null pointers that could avoid it. Kindly report if bonus is not working. I have tested it on a controlled environment. Damage Reduction Status In reference with rAthena's #3f36c0, I honestly don't know the problem here. Future Update Halloween Patch - October 28 OGH Challenge Mode - Early November Class Bundle Improvement - Mid November 4th Class - Late November / Early December (Hopefully) Patch Minor patch will be uploaded throughout the week. Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 2:45 A.M. (SGT/GMT+8) P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code "WKNG-RCNFLCT"
  5. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Instance Update Security Area (Hidden Garden) Fixed possible disconnect point when talking to the story npc twice. Added re-entry (2 times) for Security Area 1 & 2. Water Garden Added fail-safe check for the animation for 3rd portal upon talking to the slow NPC (progress bar related). - This should prevent from being stuck inside the instance. Added re-entry (2 times). Temple of Demon God Corrected logic for warping players/party members out of the instance. Database Update Attendance Reward Updated reward for the month of October Inventory Expansion Added fail-safe check when reaching maximum capacity that could lead to potential server crash. Core Update Optimized status calculation in preparation for trait system for 4th class update. Improved NPC caching and timer to lessen server workload. Patch Attendance & Item Translation This will be updated from time-to-time as there's a lot of items that needs to be updated. Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 1:30 A.M. (SGT/GMT+8) P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code "OKTBR-1WK"
  6. To have a healthy and competitive War of Emperium (WoE) this month of october, kindly see below for the mechanics. Mechanics Every weekend (Friday & Saturday), guild who conquers the castle will receive 1 pt. (New) Guild who conquer the Saturday castle consecutively (e.g. October 3 & 10) will receive additional 1 pt. - Separate reward will be given to those who conquer the Saturday castle (Guild of the Week). Alliance inside the castle is strictly prohibited. Once caught both guild will receive penalty which is point deduction of 3 pts. Castle data will be resetted prior start of the WoE. Random castle will be assigned every weekend. In the event that there will be a tie in score, a Tuesday WoE will be done and whoever conquers it wins the crown. Reward Note: Only guild leader will receive the reward. It is his/her responsibility to share the reward to members. Guild of the Month 1000 PODS 3000 GvG Coins 24 qty of 1 Month VIP Ticket Guild of the Week 250 PODS 800 GvG Coins 24 qty of 1 Week VIP Ticket Consolation Note: This is for the guild who conquers the castle but doesn't win the GOTM 200 PODS 800 GvG Coins 24 qty of 1 Week VIP Ticket Good luck! Have fun!
  7. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Episode 17.2 - Sage's Legacy Updated mob drops and skill for the following: Security Area - missing drops of mobs. Water Garden - updated MVP skills. Lost Farm of Time - updated MVP skills. Enchant for armor using epic module should now be following divine-pride info. Inventory Expansion Inventory can now be expanded up-to 200 slots using Inventory Expansion Voucher which can be bought via Donation NPC. Thank you for your continuous support for this feature to be implemented. Skill Update Book of Dimension + Advent of the Star Emperor - Sphere should now be similar like Millennium Shield wherein it can block 2 damages which results to miss. NPC Updates Werner Laboratory - corrected behavior of story instance wherein it should not summon Seyren instead it should automatically warp you out. World Boss & Donate Costume Enchant Stones - added missing costume enchant stone and classified them according to classes. Future Updates Bundle Skill Rebalancing 4th Job Implementation Glast Heim Challenge Mode Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 1:20 A.M. (SGT/GMT+8) P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code "LDS-09302020"
  8. Wrong description it should be refine level 7. invalid and works fine.
  9. iAmGnome

    Maestro skills

    I'm able to reproduce shyness and is further checked. As for the other skills, I'm unable to reproduce it. I'll be needing some help this coming weekend for testing. So if you can go online and point me the problem much better.
  10. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Sage's Legacy Instance Update Hidden Flower Garden - corrected script being stuck at the 1st map. Water Garden - corrected warp for party when accessing non-story instance Exchange Yecheon - fixed magical automatic improvement device option to give random module. Warper Added missing instance in the warper. Thanks for patiently waiting. Server will be up at exactly 12:45 A.M. (SGT/GMT+8)
  11. If party, you cannot if someone is still inside.
  12. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Episode 17.2 - Sage's Legacy Walkthrough conversation of the complete storyline including its add-on quests which are: Side Quest Water Garden Hidden Garden (Security Area) Lost Farm of Time Varmundt's Library Tartaros Storage Large Bath Mediatho Daily Quest Supply and Demand Scrap Metal Collection Cleaning Robot and many more Pre-requisite of this quest is completion of Episode 17.1 - Illusion. Merchants/Exchange are also implemented which includes: Module Exchange Automatic Armor Exchange Reinforcement Exchange Pet Alpha Exchange Sin weapon drop-rate are not 100% yet. There's still a need to data mine for specific drops. Mob skills are to be updated from time-to-time. NPC Updates Episode 17.1 - again, improved quest functions and variable checks to support sage's legacy. Illusion Deep Sea - added count data value to monitor kill count prior MVP summoning. DB Updates Sky Blow Shadow Earring - corrected job requirement. Battleground Items - now tradeable Patch Sage legacy data files Future Updates Bundle Skill Rebalancing Glast Heim Challenge Mode - crowdfunding is available through content updates 4th Job Implementation - crowdfunding is available through 4th job development Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 2:35 A.M. (SGT/GMT+8) P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code "SGL-172-09242020"
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