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    2020 Client Support

    2020 Client, a major stepping stone when updating content as it supports a lot of new features which are:

    1. Inventory Expansion
    2. Barter Shop Exchange
    3. Client Patches (Proxy Support, Increasing ViewID, Hairstyle Limit)
    4. and many more

    Basic functionality of the client is working now locally but the items mention above are not yet.

    Moving forward, since it includes packet related which I'm not capable of doing I'll be asking for third party support. He/She will be the one to code the missing functions the server needs. I don't know the price yet but it is a rough estimate since it is client related.

    With that being said, if you're interested just click the "Donate Now" button and everything will follow.

    As a reward for this goal, all donation will receive 100% points/credits in-game. (e.g. $10 = 20 Proof of Donation). Also, once everything is implemented server will continue to update its storyline including Episode 17.2.

    Thanks in advance!

    • 06/26/2020
    • 9 Donations
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    $310.41 of $500.00

    Content Update

    As of this writing, the server has on-going testing with Episode 17.2 on test-server. This is because of the continuous support of the community to the server through crowdfunding.

    Moving forward, to keep the content going. Upon pushing Sage's Legacy to live server. I'll work immediately with newer contents listed below.

    1. EDDA Bio-laboratory Somatology
    2. Glast Heim Challenge Mode

    The contents above completes the missing meta that will be game changer. This will also be a pre-requisite to start developing 4th jobs and its corresponding update which is Episode 18.1.

    As a reward, anyone who helps to this goal will receive 150% more. (e.g. 50 Pods * 2.5 = 125 Pods). Thank you in advance.


    • 09/03/2020
    • 3 Donations
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    $333.70 of $600.00

    4th Job Development

    In the coming days/weeks as of this writing, kRO will release 4th job on their main server (baphomet).

    With it, official data can be obtained thru data gathering. However, there's an available update which can be used upon purchasing his service.

    Thus, the road map of development is thru buying the update and continue developing it.

    Since this is an official update and a crucial update for the server's progress, donations bonus will be different. Kindly see below for details.

    • For donations below $101 per transaction, you will receive 150% more (e.g. $100 = 250 PODS)
    • For donations above $100 per transaction, you will receive 200% more (e.g. $150 = 375 PODS)
    • For donations above $300 per transaction, you will receive 200% more (e.g. $350 = 875 PODS) + bonus below
      •  Can choose one of the following:
        • +18 Weapon Refine Ticket
        • +18 Armor Refine Ticket

    Thank you in advance for your continuous support on the server!

    • 09/10/2020
    • 4 Donations
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    $400.32 of $2,000.00
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