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  3. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/22207/ We got enfore shoes, might as well implement this item. Please consider this. thanks you
  4. I tried applying GX poison on my Alt Character and it just gives the status notification but has no effect. Tried diffferent poisons like oblivion curse, pyrexia, venom bleed & magic mushroom. is it intentionally disabled or bug?
  5. Last week
  6. welp i see. tested it with vit soutane and it broke after using normal atks. it wont break with long range tho but i guess im just unlucky. as for weapon break, 0 luck lol idk if im unlucky or this is bugged
  7. It breaks the item instead of divesting it. So any unbreakable items wont be affected.
  8. how?i tested it today and 2 weeks ago with both long ranged phys. attack and melee normal attacks. haven't divested a single armor/weapon P.S: my aspd when i was testing it with melee normal attacks was 193 so that would most prolly account for hundreds of attacks with no success in divesting the armor/weapon.
  9. the card's effects does not work at all. tried using both long ranged physical attack and melee physical attack but nothing really happens. also tried putting on 2 sealed mastersmiths but still nah the character i was testing on had no FCP nor an indestructible armor/weapon.
  10. Faris

    shadow forge

    Adjusting the price and the refine rate would be fine.
  11. iAmGnome

    2020 Client Update

    Client update is around the corner and it will give way to more content updates due to the support of the following: UltraHigh Item-ID. RSW 2.0 Maps New Skill Effect Other Features However, this comes with a cost which is the storage capacity reduction (Kafra Storage). Why reduce storage capacity (Kafra Storage)? - This is not a personal decision but client-packet limitation. - There's no way to increase the storage without sacrificing important features. Thus, the pre-requisite of the update are as follows: Make sure you have updated data.grf via the Panic Patch Reduce all your character's storage capacity (kafra storage) to no more than 600. (e.g. 600/800) - If the update has been pushed to live server and you haven't reduced the capacity of your storage, you will lose the items. Moving forward, the update will be on July 8, 2020 (Wednesday) at 21:00 - 02:00 of July 9, 2020 (Thursday). The update will take atleast 3-5 hours to ensure stability. Again, kindly reduce all your storage capacity to 600 before the maintenance/update to make sure no item loss will occur. In the event that you have forgotten to reduce storage capacity, we will not compensate with the lost items. Thanks for waiting patiently for this update. P.S. We still have have open crowdfunding which are Server Host (July) | 2020 Client Feature Support
  12. Ravu

    Pet Egg Bug?

    I think i meet you in the game with choco behind lmfao
  13. Ravu

    shadow forge

    If that systems is back sooner the economy would totally dead.
  14. Well said mate, I agreed with some of your point, I think this server is too kind for the players and that is kinda bad for the economy also the server. since almost every nice stuff in the cash shop we can get easily, I got no idea what to buy at cash shop...
  15. Exeon

    Pet Egg Bug?

    I can't return my pet Choco to an Egg. I tried the right click return to egg and the return to egg option in pet status window.
  16. adding an item that can refine shadow equipment to +10 in cash shop is a good idea I think. +1 to this suggestion
  17. Henry

    shadow forge

    using hammer till +10 is real bs ,i still vote bsb usage on +7 till +10 getting a clean parts itself is already pain in the ass , and then we gotta continue with the crazy +10 rng with that 16mil hammer ?(discounted) even using 150hammer u be consider super super lucky if u hit +10. that jst 1 part of shadow equips we have 5 more slot to fill and repeat the nightmare. if this keep going i feel like we should called our server abyss3 RO or maybe Treasure box RO +1 anyway
  18. hello sir.. can u make forge for shadow available again with bs blessing? max +9 it's ok.and if we want to make it to +10 it can be base on luck and rng😆
  19. I am agree with the price of cash shop items are fairly high. I intend to buy some stuffs from the cash shop but seeing the value that almost 10x price the normal price (eg. sealed card) makes me think again whether to purchase it from cash shop or other players.
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