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  2. you said to handle each bug in their thread respectively
  3. new episode is higher priority than bug right lord @iAmGnome? let those player who have build the eq struggle in their misery till new episode installed
  4. why dont just copy other ground magic type behavior
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  7. https://ragnarok.gamepedia.com/Book_of_Dimension this link use source such as "Divine Pride" and "Official kRO Website"
  8. Hi, On description patent avenger should reduce cooldown of axe boomerang 1 sec on +9, but it seems it's not working. could you please check? Thanks
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  10. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Dimensional_Travel https://irowiki.org/wiki/Flaming_Basin_and_Doom_Prayers This two are the quest I do still no response inside of flame cave
  11. Already done with the whole quest in fire basin still no response in npc.
  12. Done this again with a new char, you clearly missed Hibba Agit and his gang in fire basin.
  13. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. NPC Updates EDDA Somatology Reworked reward box mechanic to use quest status instead of local variable. Improved chance in obtaining item ID 23993 & 23994. Illusion Deep Sea (Underwater) Implemented story line together with its daily quest. Reworked mob spawn and MVP summon for 4th and 5th floor. Boss monster is now being spawned after killing 2000 mobs per floor. There's no cooldown for boss count/summon. Improved exchange NPC. Database Updates King Schmidt Suit - added missing unbreakable armor bonus. Purple & Gold Dragon Plate - corrected variable casting bonus. Cat Ear Beret & Red Pom Band - reworked bonus to follow kRO's description. It should now be 1% per refine above 6. Bunny & Piamette - corrected combo bonus. It should now start at refine level 7. Core Updates Gepard Shield - updated protection to support blockage of autopot. Lapine System updated packets to use new structure and to support 2020 fully. hope to fix disconnection upon failing. (Old issue) Future Update Sage's Legacy - is now available at test server. Need tester for it. Glast Heim Challenge Mode - crowdfunding is available through content updates Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 2:00 A.M. (SGT/GMT+8) P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code. "ISPMNT-FAIL0917"
  14. Sorry for spamming (and i hope i put this in correct topic), but i wonder if i must reset all my skill in order to learn Redemptio? (Resurrecting party member 1 by 1 is kinda difficult, especially when it comes to WB's Cursed Dragon). I can't find the NPC to learn this particular skill. I hope we can use this skill (and sacrificed oneself to everyone in the party) to make it easier for resurrecting. Not to mention i feel sorry to Cookies who's always tried his/her best to keep us all alive there (LOL, thanks Cookies!!). 😃
  15. The description isn't right. It said for Warlock, but it's supposed to be for AB. But everything else worked just fine. Could you fix this one (just the job that applied for this weapon)? Thank you.😀
  16. Did you talk to the NPC on the moro basin? Forgot the NPC, you have to talk 2 NPC prior activating the entrance of TODG.
  17. No. And this is not a bug. Please refrain from opening useless report.
  18. Invalid. It says "Increases resistance to all properties by 2% per refine, when refine level is over 6." where if .@ref > 5 then you get the bonus. It doesn't say "past the upgrade level of 6". (e.g. cat ear beret)
  19. Cant continue further. Done morse cave & Isle Bios twice. The npc dont even give the quest.
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