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  2. After being hiatus for weeks not able to provide update due to natural calamity and work, I have finally updated the test server with the following: Old Glast Heim Challenge Mode - This is based from data mining and not yet 100% replicated. Will try to update it once we have obtained data. Job Improvement Bundle - This is in preparation for 4th Job Class which will be coming late December or Early January. (Timeline moved) rAthena's latest updates Hoping for your participation in testing the updates prior moving to main server this weekend.
  3. iAmGnome

    Donation Promo

    To give a heads up to those who wants to donate or support the server, we have currently crowdfunding which will greatly in terms of content/update. The crowdfunding gives 150% more donation credits. (E.G. $100 = 250 PODS). Currently we have 3 funding to be completed and 2 of which will greatly impact the server's development. Server Monthly Host (November) Server Monthly Host (December)
  4. Earlier
  5. i guess thats how official work?
  6. It seems like if you change your pet's name the first time, it will be its name forever. I tried it on two different characters with pets. Please fix, thanks!
  7. It was doing fine this morning when I was farming. Suddently, I cannot release skill after reading spell books. When I tried to read spell books, it is said not enough save point. I suggest this means the skill is stored.
  8. Please add this item so rebellion could have a little bit of a buff. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/470027/juggernaut
  9. iAmGnome

    GOTM inquiry

    Final score: Ang Galing - 4 | New Meta - 3 -3 for Ang Galing for Teaming Up with 2 guilds which is No ID No Entry and No Guild. This serves as a warning for the mentioned guild.
  10. zzx_rel

    GOTM inquiry

    No announcement
  11. Exeon

    GOTM inquiry

    What score for current GOTM?
  12. you listed some items that contain the skill magic mirror, that one will reflect everything when it proc i just pointing that out
  13. +1,im also miss the felling of leveling up
  14. This topic has been discussed but not resolved. So Here we go again xD
  15. Exeon

    Fairy Soul Bug

    Fairy Soul skill doesn't give matk to target. Other souls work as intended. See screenshot below
  16. zzx_rel

    More Event

  17. Pretty sure Magic Mirror reflects everything back. But those single target like Maya shouldnt.
  18. it affect some ground skills such as comet and frosty misty -maya card -frus card -magic reflector -cat o nine tails card -mad bunny -SL buff kaite -mad bunny -mirror shield -orlean's server
  19. waku

    More Event

    I want to suggest some events like 5v5, 7v7, or sura vs sura and move the time of koe to 8pm or 9pm. While playing here for a long time when you complete your set you will get bored and I think some players feels that way too. Most player want some Bloodlust most of us can't wait for WoE. Wish to improve the rewards in KoE and WoE. KoE box and WoE box is not worth it. Thanks please appreciate my post lab u all
  20. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Script Updates Sage's Legacy Warehouse Quest Fixed basement entrance where it checks incorrect variable where it should allow entry as long as you completed emergency key quest. Fixed variable stuck upon accidentally deleting quest item after talking to Chirp. Illusion Securing Rekenberg Fixed Staff NPC where players unable to talk to NPC. Database Updates Updated to follow rAthena's commit #d3074f & https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/f8dc145cd2c0bcb0422cb67e68b752a78d2933dc Corrected stat bonus for Rebellion class. Skill Updates Stellar Mark - Fixed a crash signal that caused the server to go down for 1 instance. Overheat - Fixed status not properly accounting duration during battle calculations. Sonic Blow - Corrected damage formula to skill level * 100 + 200. Core Updates Item Bonus This is a problematic commit on the server side as it has conflicts to my code. Reference This could possibly cause server crash but added null pointers that could avoid it. Kindly report if bonus is not working. I have tested it on a controlled environment. Damage Reduction Status In reference with rAthena's #3f36c0, I honestly don't know the problem here. Future Update Halloween Patch - October 28 OGH Challenge Mode - Early November Class Bundle Improvement - Mid November 4th Class - Late November / Early December (Hopefully) Patch Minor patch will be uploaded throughout the week. Thanks for waiting. Server will be up at exactly 2:45 A.M. (SGT/GMT+8) P.S. For the compensation, kindly claim the code "WKNG-RCNFLCT"
  21. Cash shop rotation? It seems good, the markeability of items would be bumped up. Economy goes up ↑
  22. +1 beautiful, has it for fire too?
  23. I can open 2 clients. Haven't tried 3 clients tho.
  24. Hello! so, ive been thinking would be good if we got a periodically kRO's cash shop items updates per maintenance/2 weeks gap/balancing with the update. so we got a better content and resources and not just stuck by it. based on divine-pride kRO cash shop items update on this link: Click here also, adding these to box or cash shop would be great. thanks, hope dev look further into this one. really
  25. Hello good people! due the maintenance which i don't know about, I decide to do an introduction here. IGN: Meep I've been playing for like 2 days, and it's been good here in Ragnafied. kinda overwhelmed though by the new episodes 😅 Cheers to all of you here!
  26. +1. New one looks awesome af
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