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  3. So, since we have 3 ways to trade items, like: RTC - Yggdrasil Cheque - POD's. Add someway to @AT get those items as a trade coin, like in several servers that they use cash as a method to trade on @at. So people can chose between those 3 ways to trade a items, way more effective and intuitive, of course zenys still a method to trade as well. Buying @at also included.
  4. from what I understand, Kunai is already removed right? then why i can't use "elemental" kunai on my oboro's kunai related skill? 😐 *p.s. : try to equip it, but say requirement doesn't meet. and maybe i think it is related to this configuration, https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/5663 Can you help to check this ? Or maybe im wrong? Thanks
  5. Hi, Can our server have a job reset NPC? I think its good and better solution for people who already have max character and don't want to create new account. My suggested logic / flow for the scenario is: - Need character to be lv max - Only work for non baby and non transcended (Soul Linker, Gunslinger, etc) job (because i think its will be weird and complicated for the logic because "normal" jobs need to rebirth to get more complete stats ?) - If player choose to reset, need to pay with xxxxx (either zenny or item or something else), and base lvl still keep but the job lvl is reseted to 1 and job become novice Thanks.
  6. Just some clarification, Do we need to win both Friday and Saturday castles to get the WoE Conqueror Box per member?
  7. Question with Consolation Box are they also given to guild leaders of participating guilds? IMO Consolation Box might get abused especially with pods involved. Some players might create dummy guilds for this. Some suggestions for Consolation Box so only those that really participate would be rewarded. 1.) Only registered guilds could participate in GOTM WOE. 2.) Remove POD on Consolation Box.
  8. To have a healthy and competitive War of Emperium (WoE) the 1st month of 2021, kindly see below for the mechanics. Mechanics Every weekend (Saturday), guild who conquers the castle will receive 1 pt. Alliance inside the castle is strictly prohibited. - Once caught both guild will receive penalty which is point deduction of 3 pts and immediate disqualification. Castle data will be resetted prior start of the WoE. Random castle will be assigned every weekend. In the event that there will be a tie in score, a Tuesday WoE will be done and whoever conquers it wins the crown. Reward Note: Only guild leader will receive the reward. It is his/her responsibility to share the reward to members. Guild of the Month 2 WoE Conqueror Box per member Friday & Saturday Castle Holder WoE Conqueror Box per member Consolation Note: Any participating guild during Saturday WoE only. WoE Consolation Box Box Rewards Conqueror Box 20 POD's 100 GvG Coins 1 Week VIP Ticket +12 ARD/WRD Consolation Box 5 POD's 50 GvG Coins 1 Week VIP Ticket +10 ARD/WRD Good luck! Have fun!
  9. What not working? Cant Be Enchant in mora.
  10. You can only equip this kind of cards to there respective accessories (Right and Left). Etc. : Illusion Accessories.
  11. bumped this because it's good feature
  12. buffalo bandit card set shotgun / rebolver buffalo bandit card not equip fix plz
  13. i think …If this item is RTC (CP 10), I think it is suitable for in-game balance.
  14. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20860/battle-surcoat-1 Tripple Attack no Critical / bad item.😢 but good items thank you !
  15. btw we got this https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/5531/baby-dragon-hat-1 this https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20860/battle-surcoat-1 also this(only if u're a rune knight) https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19195/racing-cap-rune-knight-1 and this https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/25302/double-attack-stone-garment i think all of those are better option than snake head
  16. and plz add flying Galapago !! It's so Cute.
  17. plz add snake head [1] double Attack Lv 5 Use☺️
  18. Rune Craft no cost Elder Branch...Lux Rune Craft All Rune Craft Need Elde Branch.🥴
  19. Hermes

    ASS LoV Bug

    Shadow Chaser ASS MS & LoV Bug ASS LoV Highest Damage (40000%=2000%*20hit?) Normal LoV 1400% MS no Drop Shooting star . plz fix 😢 ASSLoVBug.rrf
  20. [APPLICATION] Content Moderator How long have you been playing ragnarok? I played since I was 7 years old in 2006. So I've played Ragnarok more or less for 14 years Are you familiar with renewal mechanics? Yes I am . Because I prefer Renewal system beside Pre-Re or Classic What episode are you familiar with? Start from episode 14-17.1. For episode 17.2, i started to understand gradually A brief background about yourself. I am an Indonesian who just graduated from Accounting Information Systems major. I'm a freelancer for white board animation videos. I also have experience as an admin in campus organizations Why you love ragnarok. because ragnarok is my game from childhood and I still play until now. I like the story of the quests, I like how people sit and chat with each other in South Prontera, I like to see people working together to win when WoE or defeat mvp or instances, and many more Facebook profile (Not a dummy account). https://www.facebook.com/chikal.elrayyan
  21. badass update is here bois🤩
  22. Please see below for the detailed list of changes done to the server. Sage's Legacy - Water Garden - Fixed the story line instance in which monster are not appearing due to wrong function call and instance naming. Christmas Costume & Other - Added them in malangdo for enchants. Red Stocking Exchange - Should appear at exactly Holiday for exchange of items. - Drop rate also increased. Nightmare Biolaboratory & Glast Heim Challenge Mode - Enchants are now updated. Forgot the link. Patch Description patch to reflect new enchants Happy Holidays!
  23. I want to suggest add command @cooldown or @cd for checking cooldown of all instances for 1 character to make easier tracking which instance we haven't done or how long for us to do those again.
  24. Confirmed. Found the issue and will fix later for a quick one.
  25. Hi, it seems that jewelry ant card cannot be compounded on any accessories 😞 . I tried slotting it to my magician's glove but it does not work.
  26. When I did Qeust Sage Legacy and followed the steps through the wiki ragnafied, when I entered the side quest water garden section, or the storyline of the water garden instance, there was a bug where in the first room when I talked to npc gardener, the monsters didn't come out and only papillae only spawn once, and i stuck in that room
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