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  • Donation Goals

    Server Hosting (December)

    By donating on this goal, you will ensure the server's maintenance and hosting for the month of December.

    As everyone knows, the server is pretty much free-to-play and donation is not forced.

    The extra $50 is for the test server.

    As a reward, anyone who helps to this goal will receive 150% more. (e.g. 50 Pods * 2.5 = 125 Pods).

    Also, if you have accumulated $250 worth of donation, you will get 1 Christmas Costume Set of your choice.
    Note: The set gives a bonus of chance to drop X-Mas Cake which gives +20 all-stats for 3 minutes.

    Thank you in advance.

    $610.50 of $700.00 Donate Now
    Systems Upgrade

    This will start once December Hosting is done.

    $95.30 of $2,500.00 Donate Now
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    • So, since we have 3 ways to trade items, like: RTC - Yggdrasil Cheque - POD's. Add someway to @AT get those items as a trade coin, like in several servers that they use cash as a method to trade on @at. So people can chose between those 3 ways to trade a items, way more effective and intuitive, of course zenys still a method to trade as well. Buying @at also included.
    • from what I understand, Kunai is already removed right? then why i can't use "elemental" kunai on my oboro's kunai related skill? 😐   *p.s. : try to equip it, but say requirement doesn't meet.   and maybe i think it is related to this configuration, https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/5663   Can you help to check this ? Or maybe im wrong?   Thanks
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